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    Новый хит от создателей "Обеденного переполоха"! Найди первым ответ на извечный вопрос: что было первым - курица или яйцо? Оригинальный сюжет и безудержное веселье гарантированы!


    • Безжалостные атаки.
    • 11 видов куриных войск.
    • Собирай бонусы и энергетические яйца.
    • Музыка, создающая атмосферу.
    • Увлекательная игра, созданная для отдыха дома или во время перерывов на работе.

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57985) on Jan 18, 2011.
    The Game

    Find out which came first in this hilarious take on that age-old question. Defend your egg fort by clustering same color eggs and lobbing them at invading chickens. With more than fifty levels spanning five different time periods, Egg vs. Chicken is a fast-paced and fun puzzle extravaganza.

    The Design

    Egg vs. Chicken combines two gameplay genres together: a match-3 sliding puzzle and a fortress siege action game. As you make matches in the center of the screen, you are launching weapons to fend off the oncoming chickens. The “egg flick” interaction was especially challenging to design, as was the screen layout, since we needed room for the central puzzle grid, as well as enough space for the chickens to approach from a distance. We’re especially fond of the comic-book story, which combines Saturday morning fluff with Marxist revisionist history.

    * 50 eggcellent levels

    * 5 environments

    * A plucky cast of characters

    Contributed by Macs Black (80156) on Jan 27, 2008.