The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (Covermount Demo Version) Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Demo installation menu.
Saved games with pre-generated characters allow new players to quickly jump into the game.
The demo begins in front of the gates of the capital city of Betony.
One of the demo tutorial messages.
The island of Betony as it appears in the demo.
Castle Greensley, one of the several dungeons found on the island of Betony.
The Protector is proficient both with weapons and magic, making him an excellent introductory character for new players.
Rescuing the townsperson in the tutorial quest.
A fight with skeletal warriors in a dungeon corridor.
One of the quests from the knightly order involves dealing with orc raiders.
A sword fight with an orc.
The orc leader in his hideout. The dungeon is well illuminated here thanks to the Light spell.
Inside the city of Betony on a sunny day.
The city streets with some passers-by.
As the player character levels up, tougher monsters such as the werewolf here will be encountered in the dungeons.
An underwater battle with several Dreughs.
Travels get so much faster if you have a horse.
The map of the city of Betony. The knightly order in the demo uses the same name as the order in the province of Anticlere in the retail game.
A merchant asks to smuggle a certain item to another town. This is the merchant's contact, waiting in a private residence.