The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (Covermount Demo Version) Trivia (DOS)

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (Covermount Demo Version) DOS Demo installation menu.


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In the tutorial quest, the player is supposed to ask the townsfolk about the dungeon where the missing person is located, and receive a hint about using the fast travel map. However, due to an error in the quest files, the list of conversation topics in the NPC dialogue menu displays the player character's house instead of the target dungeon's name. When asked about the player's house, the NPCs will still provide the information on how to find the dungeon on the fast travel map. In the retail version of the game, several quests are also known to refer to the player character's house instead of a quest-relevant location, resulting in confusion.

The Knightly Order of Betony

The Protectorate of Betony in the full version of Daggerfall is a small region that does not have its own knightly order. In the demo, the player can join an order called the Knights of the Flame. This is the knightly order that in the retail game is located in the province of Anticlere. The information that NPCs may provide to the player regarding the Knights of the Flame was left unmodified in the demo and still contains references to Anticlere.

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