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Priory of the Nine
The Prophet explains our mission.
The Chapel of Dibella was desecrated by Umaril and his minions.
In order to seek the holy Relics, you must first do a pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines.
Wayshrines map
Wayshrine of Mara
The ghost of Pelinal Whitestrake
Exploring the underwater city of Vanua.
Kynareth's creations guards her relic - The Boots of the Divine Crusader.
Umaril's minions are attacking the chapel.
The Kynareth's Grotto
Lifting the curse from a young boy.
Mace of Zenithar - one of a few new weapons in the game
You can learn more about Pelinal Whitestrake from the books.
The guardian of the cursed sword.
The Cheydinhal Chapel.
Challenging puzzles awaits you in the Fort Bulwark.
A lot of people will want to join the Order.
The Prophet explains how to kill Umaril.
Garlas Malatar.
Fighting with the Auroran.
Umaril the Unfeathered.
The final battle.
Snak gra-Bura of Chestnut Handy stables will outfit any legally owned horse (Horse Armor - bonus content).
You can also purchase an Elven armor (Horse Armor - bonus content).
Frostcrag Spire is located east of Bruma (Wizard's Tower - bonus content).
Frostcrag Spire living area (Wizard's Tower - bonus content).
Read the books to learn the spells (Spell Tomes - bonus content).
In the Imperial Orrery you can receive powers based on the phases of the moons (The Orrery - bonus content).
The rumors indicate that thieves den may be located under the Castle Anvil (Thieves Den - bonus content).
The caverns are overrun by the skeletons (Thieves Den - bonus content).
Dahlia Rackham will help you turn thieves den into a suitable base of operations (Thieves Den - bonus content).
Sundercliff is a big, underground village in the eastern Niben (Mehrunes' Razor - bonus content).
The city is guarded by Drothmeri soldiers (Mehrunes' Razor - bonus content).
Mehrunes Razor is a powerful dagger which has a chance to instantly kill the opponent (Mehrunes' Razor - bonus content).
Deepscorn Hollow is situated at the southernmost point of Cyrodiil (Vile Lair - bonus content).
You need to restore this place to its original state (Vile Lair - bonus content).
Deepscorn shrine (Vile Lair - bonus content).
Your new bed. Look very comfortable and trendy (Vile Lair - bonus content).