The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Oblivion has ten playable races, including the Argonians.
Character facial features are fully customizable.
The Emperor addresses you, a lowly prisoner.
The Character Sheet for a starting character. One of several tabs.
One of the first areas - beneath the prison.
Havok physics makes for some interesting traps.
I never liked goblins.
Locks are pickable via a challenging ingame mechanic.
A skeleton attacks.
A deeper dungeon with deranged zombies
Looking for a cave.
Skingrad in the rain
Some of Oblivion's plentiful public art
A guard remounts his horse.
An inn in Skingrad
Outside the Imperial City at night
A deranged pin cushion won't stop attacking me.
One of the Oblivion gates
So much for the rescue party
Looks like someone took the evil path in Fable.
A city fallen to Oblivion.
NPCs will often have a short conversation.
Leading NPCs out of danger.
Approaching a fort.
Sometimes it's just nice to sit and think.
Can I say enough about the graphics?
The Imperial City.
Fighting with a wolf.
Looking for a place to sleep.
Beautiful sunset. This game looks absolutely amazing.
Radiant AI means that NPCs act on their own impulses (including painting).
Weather effects
Fighting against a few Mystic Dawn members.
Up close with a Goblin Warlord
Entering a gate to Oblivion along with some soldiers of Bruma.
Attacking a Land Dreugh with a lightning spell.
A horde of undead Akaviri Warriors is attacking - it's usually best to avoid combat against too many opponents.
About to close an oblivion gate - the Dremora magicians have summoned two Fire Atronachs.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Decorative indoor areas.
Areas of the land have different topography.
The snowy mountain town of Bruma.
You can buy a house in most towns, and buy the decorations for it.
Character and inventory screen.
The map lets you fast travel to any location you've previously visited.
Inside the Imperial City at night.
Uh-oh. Pulled over by the guard, and we've been drinking grog!
Gorgeous views, even despite lower texture resolutions compared to the PC.
GOOD news? I had 15 bucks bet on those daedra!
Loading screens share tips and local history.
They sure do know how to build their villages.
The persuasion system. Characters' facial expressions show how they will react.
At the coast.
You can harvest plants in the world for alchemy potions.
The Speedtree engine at work.
Grab a torch and explore some caves.
Casting a fireball spell. Mages can specialize in different schools of magic.
Some enemies, like this spectre, need silver weapons to damage.
Strolling through the coastal town of Anvil.