In Shivering Isles you can find little bones. There is one of them on top of a house of Crucible. You can collect the bones and put them together somewhere, so you can have a little skeleton body


In New Sheoth Graveyard, barely southwest of New Sheoth, each tombstone is for an individual NPC and contains entirely different epitaphs for each. When entering the Isles for the first time there will already be some tombstones with quite comical words of endearment chiseled in them, but as the player spends more time in the Isles and more New Sheoth NPCs are killed from varying circumstances, they will get their own custom tombstone raised in the Graveyard.

References: Elder Scrolls

  • In the construction set, there is a ring with an id of Fargoth's Ring. In game, this ring shows up as heirloom ring. I have not figured out where in game this ring is, however those who play Morrowind will remember Fargoth, and his ring, well. This must be a tribute to the Fargoth we all love.
  • The smith's store in Mania is called "The Missing Pauldron" which is referring to the fact that the armor type called the pauldron that was combined with the cuirass in Oblivion instead of being its own armor like in previous games. This may also refer to the elusive second pauldron of the Daedric Set, which was left out of Morrowind and only found in the Bloodmoon expansion.
  • The leader of the Golden Saints at Brellach is Staada. You might remember her from the Azura Shrine quest in Morrowind. She was one of the daedra Sheogorath sent to disturb Azura's priestess in the Sheogorad region.
  • After finishing the Sheogorath's questline, if you talk to Bhisha he will make a reference to the K'Sharra prophecy from the Sheogorath's Shrine quest in Oblivion.
  • The Shivering Isles may not have a Carrot of Madness, but one CAN find a Soul Tomato! (value 250 gold, like a soul gem, but squishier, and redeemable at the Museum of Oddities).


  • Near the top of the mountain above Knifepoint Hollow, there is a small altar with several dead bodies in various states of decay. The most recent, still dressed in a white outfit, is carrying a decree explaining that he was executed for growing a beard, an offense against Sheogorath. Note: This is a dig at one of the Oblivion dev team members, Robert Wisnewski. If you look at the credits from the main menu, Wisnewski is credited as one of the Dungeon art team; apparently he tried a new look that didn't work out so well.
  • The ingredient Gnarl Bark, found on the corpses of Gnarls, bears a striking nomencular resemblance to the pop group Gnarls Barkley, who had a hit with the track Crazy. This ties in rather nicely to the theme of the Shivering Isles expansion.


For those who remember Sheogorath's quest in Morrowind, this guy will be very familiar to you. Once again, he's misplaced the Fork of Horripilation. At least this time, you don't have to kill a netch to get the reward. If you choose to learn a secret of blade, though, he tells you that they poke out, not in and mentions killing grandfather netch. If you attack Sheogorath he will cast a spell on you that will immediately transport you thousands of feet above the Shivering Isles. You will fall to your death and at this time there appears to be no way to live through the ordeal so save before trying.

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