The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Loading screens provide random bits of into and tips as well as display your current character level
Opening title shows as you wake up tied on the prison wagon
Final destination... the place of your execution
Character creation, selecting a race
Character generation setup lets you change gender, race, facial look, add tattoos and more
Beautiful night showing two moons
Running into one of the pilgrims on your way to the mountain top
Weapons inventory
World map
Using fire magic to fight the Ice Wraith
In the prairie, approaching the ominous looking castle in the distance
Healing during combat
Your skills will increase based on what you do during combat and interaction with NPCs
Use shield to block enemy strikes and create your opening for a counter attack
Talking to townfolk will often yield you new side-quests
Approaching the local inn
Tavern is the best place to check for gossips
Buying some supplies from the innkeeper
World map can be zoomed to display more localized area you have traversed across
A castle in the woods... you never know who or what is inhabiting it
One of the bandits is using a freeze spell to slow you down
Sneaking up to the unaware opponents will double your attack strength
A good view of the valley
Close combat with the cave bear
Aiming with a bow and arrow, when upgraded, slows time by 50% and makes your aiming easier
Surprise attack against a giant
Crossing the sulfur springs
Fighting a dragon
Defeating the dragon will make you absorb special powers as you are the Dragonborne
The river in the mountains
Using a special mask that increases some of your combat attributes
Watch out for mudcrabs which look like rocks when not moving
An underground cavern lush with trees and green
Snowy mountains
Weapon smithing
Dashing through town
Approaching the city palace
Inside the Jarl's palace
The throne room in Whiterun
List of main and side-quests
Shouts are special attacks in dragon language that only the Dragonborne can use
Weather elements change as well as day and night cycles
Skill list
Upgrading a specific skill
All the books, journals, notes and such you find in the game can be read in ful
You can buy or steal a horse which lets you move faster through yet unexplored terrain where you cannot use fasttravel feature
When you earn a nobility title in some town, the guards will let you go when you commit certain crimes
When becoming a Thane, you can buy a house in town where your bodyguard and spouse will await you in
Your wife will start a commerce on her own and earn you steady income and prepare you some food for your travels

Windows version

The rather modestly designed main menu
Still in the very early stages of the game, and already interesting stuff happens. 'Tis a BEAR, my friends! What do we do, what do we do?..
In the mood for some CHEESE?.. Like other Elder Scrolls games, the world of Skyrim is very detailed
Forest and mountains - let us begin our travel!
Hmm, what are those strange symbols?..
I just dived underwater in a random place, and look what I found!
My Khajiit character is looking at the town, his tail waving in the wind... How poetic...
Yakity yak, yakity yak, yakity yak-i-yaky tak!
You think you can climb that mountain, horsie?..
You'll meet many mysteriously-looking characters with their own agenda
My "hero" just killed this poor innocent woman in her own bed, took her clothes, and moved her body onto the carpet. Jail is nearing
Lockpicking is similar to Fallout 3. Personally, I prefer the Oblivion system
The menu is weirdly designed, but at least it has full-size graphical items
The main map. You can't just fast-travel to any major city here. Good call, Bethesda!
Visiting a tavern and listening to a folk song performed by the local bard
Dialogue choices during crucial quest events
The books are back, of course. This is one of the volumes of "The Real Barenziah", one of my favorites
Virtual tourism continues - now in Skyrim!
Err... are you sure you want to ATTACK this guy?..
Just admiring the beautiful night sky...
The city of Markarth
Look behind you - a one-headed DRAGON!.. But the AI does not react to events when in dialogue mode...
I was traveling and came upon this. Radiant AI sometimes comes up with very odd situations
The expansive, non-linear Blackreach stands in stark contrast to most of Skyrim's formulaic dungeons
The constant NPC comments can be funny, at least the first ten times you hear them
The special effects are very pretty
While the graphics have greatly improved from Oblivion, there is still too much inappropriate bloom all over the place
The field of view can easily be changed for good effect
On the road at night
Every dungeon has its rewards
Aurora Borealis
Lydia, faithful companion
A lake, somewhere in Skyrim
The mill at the end of the road. Maybe they serve breakfast there!
Blacksmithing at the Skyforge in Whiterun. Using a forge will reveal weapon and armor selections that the player may create
Mining an Orichalcum ore vine. Orichalcum ingots are used to create and improve Orcish weapons and armor.
Delphine and Esbern in front of Alduin's Wall in Sky Haven Temple
The skill menu. You get one new perk for every level increase
I'm listening to Nocturnal, the Daedric Prince of Darkness
Loading Screen - Though most are random, some loading screens are unique to locations, past events, or abilities the character has attained.
It takes some serious balls by this bandit to demand a toll fee from a werewolf.

Xbox 360 version

Character customization
A dragon appears.
Loading screen