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Elevator Action

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Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 3 3.2
Arcade 6 3.3
Atari 2600 3 3.3
Commodore 64 7 3.1
FM-7 Awaiting 1 votes...
Game Boy 9 2.9
MSX 4 2.6
NES 18 3.1
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 1 votes...
PC-88 Awaiting 1 votes...
Sharp X1 Awaiting 1 votes...
SG-1000 2 2.0
Wii 2 3.5
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
ZX Spectrum 4 3.4
Combined MobyScore 58 3.1

The Press Says

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ArcadeAll Game Guide
Graphically, the characters are a little stilted, but the building is nicely drawn, and the sound effects are memorable. Gameplay is busy, but not frustratingly so.
Game BoyPortable Review
As for replay, Elevator Action is addictive. You play it, and you want more. Unfortunately, the level design is pretty much always the same. Sure, there’s some difference due to enemies stepping out of random doors, but there’s no real reason to come back. Except that it calls you to come back. It wants you to. It needs you to. Elevator Action will take your soul…
Game BoyJoypad
En fait, on ne se trouve pas en présence d'un jeu d'action pure et violente ou d'un jeu d'arcade aux graphismes qui tuent mais d'un petit jeu qui aura du mal à se faire une place parmi les super productions du moment sur Game Boy.
Commodore 64Tilt
L'aventure est plaisante, servie par une animation et un bruitage corrects. On aurait malgré tout apprécié une stratégie plus complexe au niveau des objets ou ennemis rencontrés.
WiiNintendo Life
This is an early NES release based on an equally primative arcade machine and as a result the visuals aren't going to blow your socks off, but to be perfectly honest the charm of the gameplay shines through. The sequel - Elevator Action Returns - did everything bigger and better, but the core game is pretty much the same. The biggest issue is that although the game is fun for a while, it's very repetitive and once you've finished the first level you won't come across anything new; each level after that is just a bit harder to tackle, but no new elements are introduced to keep things fresh.
This design is one of Taito's best from the early days, and it's a gameplay style that has lived on and inspired many other titles over the years – the recent PSP sleeper Exit owes a lot to the old-school EA. You won't find a ton of depth and complexity in this arcade conversion, and 500 Points could buy you a variety of other titles offering more play potential, but there's no denying that Elevator Action is still home to some good old, addictive, drop-another-quarter fun. And hey, it takes a special kind of arcade classic to live on immortalized as the name of a rock band.
Um destemido agente da lei percorre um edifício infestado por bandidos, pelo elevador ou pela escada. Cada facínora eliminado vale pontos.
Considering how polarizing a piece of software Elevator Action was in its heyday, it stands to reason that the effect would be magnified by significant levels some 20-odd years later. It's only 500 Wii points ($5), but even that seems like a hefty price to pay for such an archaic game.
Amstrad CPCComputer Gamer
The game's graphics are mediocre, like the game. Levels increase in difficulty, but not in complexity, and the sound is almost non-existent. The game is, in fact, exceedingly boring.
NESNES Archives
If you liked the arcade game, by all means run out and get this game. If you never played it and find it for a couple of bucks you'll be briefly entertained. If you don't have the great NES games yet, like Zelda, Castlevania, etc, get those first.
NESJust Games Retro
Elevator Action is a very basic arcade high score challenge. The key is that it's a fairly unique idea, and a fairly unique game. There's not much here for longevity, but it's a good contender for "this week's Solitaire replacement." Just don't let the boss, or the agents, catch you.
Game BoyPower Play
Heute mutet das einfache Spielprinzip (Leute abknallen und hinter Türen Extras suchen) ziemlich antiquiert an - zumal die Umsetzung weder technisch noch spielerisch gefällt. Darüber hinaus schrecken mieser Sound und mäßige Grafik zusätzlich ab. Für Actionfans gibt's Dutzende bessere Spiele - nur absolute Nostalgie-Freaks sollten mit dem Modulkauf liebäugeln.
Amstrad CPCASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Einziges Positivum ist die deutsche Anleitung, die zudem absolut fehlerfrei ist. Wer also unbedingt das Spielhallen-Game ELEVATOR zuhause spielen möchte, der sollte besser zu MISSION ELEVATOR greifen; damit bekommt er etwas Brauchbareres für sein Geld.
Commodore 64Computer Gamer
That's about all there is to the game. Get all the plans and make your way to the basement, where a car whisks you off to the next level. Gameplay and graphics are both uninspiring, you would do much better to look out Mission Elevator, instead - it is infinitely more playable. Don't waste your money on this.
Commodore 64Commodore User
In my books, Quicksilva are remembered for only one thing, the continual low quality of their software. Furthermore, it seems that Quicksilva are having financial trouble keeping up with the current trend of big licencing deals, so they've dug deep into the arcade archives and came up with this little gem.