Elf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Top ten
Story tale
Start up position
Changing location
Chatting with an old man
Forest area
Climbing the ladder
Giant butterfly
Sky dragon nearby
Cottage on the top platform
Magic mixtures cottage
At the moving platform
Spider and rabbit approaching
Gems found
Life lost
Underground spikes

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level introduction
Starting level one
Chatting with an old man
Does this ladder lead to heaven?
I can enter this house
A shop
It's my grave stone to the left
Game over
Level two
Down in the dungeons

DOS version

Main menu
This is a tough game. Just a few screens into the first level and I've already lost most of my health.
The story moves us along between levels.
Options screen
Starting a level at dusk.
Going down into the tunnels.
A couple of old sailors
Buying herbs.
Walking down along a dangerous pier.
Near the ruins
This boss at the Mayan ruins is scarier looking than he is.
In the Dwarven Caves
Pick the right door or you'll get lost.
A giant dwarf? Does that make sense?