Elf Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level introduction
Starting level one
Chatting with an old man
Does this ladder lead to heaven?
I can enter this house
A shop
It's my grave stone to the left
Game over
Level two
Down in the dungeons

Elf Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
This is a tough game. Just a few screens into the first level and I've already lost most of my health.
The story moves us along between levels.
Options screen
Starting a level at dusk.
Going down into the tunnels.
A couple of old sailors
Buying herbs.
Walking down along a dangerous pier.
Near the ruins
This boss at the Mayan ruins is scarier looking than he is.
In the Dwarven Caves
Pick the right door or you'll get lost.
A giant dwarf? Does that make sense?