Eliza Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Starting a conversation.
It gets further, but not too far...

Commodore 64 version

Starting the U.S. version.
Having a conversation.
Starting the Dutch version.

Commodore PET/CBM version

Start of a conversation

DOS version

ECC-Eliza splash screen
Typical interaction in any version
"BBSchat" port, intended for use as a BBS door
Michael Day's 1988 Pascal port
Inform port
Broadcasters Database version. (This faker just rotates through canned responses regardless of input.)
ELIZA undergoes gender-reassignment and pops up elsewhere as Frank
In other versions she tries to pass herself off as Fred.

TRS-80 version

Game start
Letting Eliza know I'm taking screenshots
She wanted to change the subject
So I thought how about video games
She wanted to know why I had to go post screenshots
Told her for points
To end the session say BYE or GOODBYE and she will post a random diagnosis