Emmanuelle: A Game of Eroticism Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
The island where much of the game takes place.
Looking for adventure.
A fight on the beach!
Apparently it's a topless beach.
At the casino.
Exploring a market.
You can fly to different locations from the airports.
Just bathing in the waterfall.
Swimming underwater to recover a treasure.
You can choose which pickup lines to use.
Choose the right ones and the women may succumb to your charms.
The results play out behind closed blinds.
A banquet attended by some attractive women.
Someone dropped something out the window...
Another beach.
Threes company in this game.

Atari ST version

Fireworks herald the game's start
Title screen
Copy protection
Thanks for the champagne
On the beach
Conversation at the bar
Football wasn't invented in Brazil, but anyway
At the airport - locations on the list
Get your pay packet out
Yes, I do

DOS version

Title screen
She seems happy to see you...