Advertising Blurbs

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    From the back of the box:

    • Powerful custom scenario editor
    • Wide range of war technology
    • Infinite Combat detail
    • Sequential and parallel play
    • Modem and network support

    For every military genius in the league of a Napolean, Churchill, or MacArthur, there is a Custer, Mussolini, and thousands of lesser known commanders who have gone down to inglorious defeat.

    How do you measure up?

    Empire II puts your war waging skills to the ultimate test. Unlike other games, Empire II does not limit you to rehashing the same famous battle over and over again. It challenges you to develop and then apply war philosophies and tactics in ultra-realistic scenarios.

    The dynamic Scenario Editor gives you unbelievable control and flexibility in planning your campaign. Factors include terrain, climate, population density, technology, rules of combat, effect of morale, victory conditions, and much more. With its custom suite of powerful tools, the Scenario Editor lets you virtually recreate any historical battle, build a totally original campaign, or edit the expertly designed scenarios already included.

    Sure, other software has given you the fool's delight of conquering the world a billion times over. But when you want to savor the subtle, complex art of war, then immerse yourself in Empire II -- a true feast for the sophisticated general.

    Contributed by Lee Seitz (722) on Feb 18, 2000.