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Enchanted Arms Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Opening cinematic
Main menu
Like any good student, Atsuma is pondering on the problem at hand.
Teacher may appreciate you being honest.
Battle training.
Atsuma showing what he can do.
The enemy has been defeated.
In the classroom after the classes are over.
Atsuma with a bunch of fellow students.
This seems like a rather prestigious academy.
I cannot think on an empty stomach.
Map of the cafeteria.

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
You can adjust your game options at this screen.
One of the many loading screens
The world map shows you what areas you have completed.
The local map gives you info on that area.
You can add or remove characters from your party at will.
The shop has many interesting elements.
Synthesized Golems can join your party. (you have to find them first!)
If you win a battle you are shown how much TB,EXP and SP you have earned and what items you have found.
There are lots of mini-games to be found in enchanted arms.
Character dialog screens are great to watch!
There are plenty of big cities to explore.
There are many fights to be had in the woods.
The scenery is quite beautiful.
Random battles can occur at any time.
These pillars can restore lost V.P to your entire party.
Most chests can be found off the beaten track.
Blue squares show you how far your selected character can move.
Red squares show you the range of your chosen attack.
Some attacks can hit more than once.
If more than one character attacks the same enemy a few times you can create a super combo!
EX attacks can do big damage to multiple enemies.
Getting caught off guard can get your party wiped out!