Enemy Zero Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

The title screen. Actually, this is the second one - the first title screen is on disk zero...
Before you start, the game allows you to hone your skills in a VR simulation of its real-time 3D portions.
In this VR simulation the red sphere represents a man-eating alien who will instantly melt your face on contact. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Not afraid yet? You will be!
Alien? Who directed it? Ridley Scott? Doesn't ring a bell, like, at all. Never heard of it. Really.
Someone has helpfully graffitied this alien-harboring door with the Enemy Zero logo...
WARP's darling Laura wakes up from cryosleep.
Meanwhile... an enraged cameraman is charging through a dark tunnel somewhere.
Ummm.. wait.. what? Sorry, I got distracted there for a second.
"Stop calling me!"
"Oh man! Someone moved my chair! And... ewww!... Where did all that ketchup came from? Oh, come on guys! Grow up!"
A subtle homage to Kenji Eno's previous game - Mansion of Hidden Souls.
Oh, a chiny choke hazard! Let me stick it in my ear!
In the future, optometrists are REALLY serious about their job.
A computer terminal menu. Apparently the ship's software is written by Apple, hence the complete lack of advanced options.
"That IT guy is SO gonna pay!"
"It looks like I missed a hell of a party!"
Every time Laura exits a secure, on-rails area, there plays an unnecessarily long and very tense door-opening scene.
Roaming around the ship's corridors in real-time 3D.
The FPS mode of Enemy Zero looks quite impressive at times.

Windows version

Laura in Game
The Brutal Attack on the Airship
Laura's Locker
The Energy System
Strange Light Butterfly
Laura accessing the machine
Inside the Air Ship
The Calling Device
Laura's back... and she's BAD!
Initial contact with crew members is through videophone.
Laura teams up with another survivor.
You finally get a look at the invisible baddies when you manage to kill them.
Travelling the ship in the FPS mode.
Texture work close-up.
The bowels of the ship look appropriately foreboding.
A quick breather.