Engage Errands II: Hikari o Ninau Mono Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Cute intro :)
Ashura Kei and Leon
Some scenes are shown with top-down graphics
Ashura Kei in a lesbian orgy
Leon is cursed... with breasts. I wish I were joking
Meeting in a forest
Main menu outside of battles
Character screen
Taking the twins to the goddess statue
Wow, I like your... ahem!.. religious sentiments
This one is kinky. Wants to go to the basement...
Chapter begins
A relatively simple battle against "morgs"
A morg attacks
Fiona is hit!
Fiona strikes back!
Now morg is hit :)
Poor Jeria...
There are many cut-scenes between battles...
...including such ones...
Ashura Kei is tired... ready to go to sleep... alone? :)
We must get to that bridge...
Jessica attacks
Ashura Kei uses a magic power
Large-scale battle
Many battle screens have treasure chests... and hexagramms
Dig the hair style
Do whatever you want, ma'am... sir... or whatever you are