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GameLemon (Oct 11, 2007)
Bug Island got a lot of room for improvement, but the groundwork is actually more or less solid. Despite the clunkiness of combat, the interactivity of the Wii controls was a definite bonus to the game. An entirely new form of survival horror - fans of the genre looking for something different than what the Resident Evil or Silent Hill franchises have to offer will enjoy this, as it's destined to be a hit in some (admittedly rather small) cult.
Despite the gameplay and control faults, as well as the relatively poor visuals, the Escape From Bug Island does deliver somewhat on a decent experience that many would expect of a survivor-horror title. At $29.99, the game may be worth a look for some, but for most, a rental will suffice. Or better yet, if you want a more complete experience for the same price, go out and pick up Resident Evil 4 on Wii.
Game Chronicles (Oct 15, 2007)
With all the new games coming out this upcoming holiday season this would be at the very bottom of the list on my need to buy list. If you love giant bugs and the whole saving the damsel in distress and don't mind shoddy graphics, dismal sound, and repetitive gameplay, give it a shot. But you've been warned.
IGN (Aug 13, 2007)
Escape from Bug Island is a fitting name because it accurately describes the player's point of view. You will want to escape this island, but not simply to get away from the bugs. Rather, you'll want to escape the entire dated, clumsily pieced together affair, which plays and looks like a last generation survival horror game developed by an inexperienced studio. Obsessed horror fans who eat up would-be scary games may be able to delve deeper into Bug Island than most, but even the most die-hard fan will likely grow tired of the package as the foggy environments continue and nonsensical fetch quests wear on.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 09, 2007)
Don’t accept the game’s title as a noun but, rather, as the imperative advice that it is. Escape indeed. Video games are fun, they empower the user with intuitive and rewarding controls, they offer interesting and beautiful visuals to get swept up in, and they reward us with a sense of discovery. Escape From Bug Island gives us the opposite experience in each case: it’s tedious and plodding, the controls are so stiff and unresponsive they engender helpless disconnection, the visuals are plain and ordinary, and exploration rewards us only with more confusion and monotony. Avoid this game.
Cubed3 (Dec 02, 2007)
Sadly what could have been the perfect remedy for those waiting for Resident Evil at the launch of the Wii turned into a game that was delayed in the West due to low Japanese sales and failed to live up to anybody's expectations. Escape from Bug Island is a disappointment in all areas and proves to be a perfect example of how a Wii game should not be done.
GameSpot (Aug 17, 2007)
The technical deficiencies of Escape from Bug Island simply highlight the fact that games have evolved since survival horror first turned fashionable. There's really no place for something this clunky. Rather than Escape from Bug Island, why not avoid it altogether?
33 (Oct 29, 2007)
Escape from Bug Island ist Horror pur - allerdings sind es nicht die Gegner oder Situationen, die für Angst und Entsetzen sorgen, sondern das Spiel an sich. Sei es die grauenhafte Technik, die furchtbare Steuerung oder die beängstigend miese Präsentation - der Titel ist ein reiner Alptraum, der höchstens Masochisten ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubert. Alle anderen dürften sich schon nach kürzester Zeit von der vernebelten Käferinsel völlig verstört abwenden. Was Spike hier erschaffen hat, ist ein Resident Evil für gang, ganz Arme, bei dem man sich höchstens unsicher ist, ob nun die miserable Steuerung, die stümperhaft präsentierte Story oder die steinzeitliche Technik das größte Grauen erzeugen. Erstaunlich auch, dass sich Eidos nicht schämt, diesen antiquierten Murks auch noch zum Vollpreis anzubieten. Na ja, als Budget-Titel wäre das masochistische Erlebnis wohl nicht perfekt gewesen...
I might have hated a lot of things about this game, but it is a lot better than most games. Escape From Bug Island has a lame story, which is told by bad actors. The graphics remind me of some N64 game that’s on steroids. You see a lot of the same thing here and there isn’t any replay value here. Use the Wii Mote and smack some bugs with sticks, after that enjoy more of the horrible music that fills this game.
Gamekult (Oct 10, 2007)
Difficile de conseiller Escape from Bug Island à d'autres personnes que celles friandes de séries B, Z ou toute autre lettre désignant un bon navet dans le jargon cinématographique. Véritable compilation de fautes déjà pointées dans des titres de la décennie précédente, le jeu développé par Spike Co. Ltd. n'est sauvé du naufrage total que par ses personnages et leurs répliques fantastiquement inappropriées, son scénario inconsistant et follement risible, ainsi que ses armes rarement vues dans les autres survival horror. Dommage qu'un jeu proche d'un Simple Series japonais soit vendu au prix fort...
25 (Dec 05, 2008)
Peu convainquant dans tous les domaines, Escape From Bug Island apparaît comme un titre daté et mal fignolé. Une sorte de pré-version qui aurait pourtant pu constituer les prémices d'un jeu exploitant quelques bonnes idées. En l'état, il vaut mieux éviter.
Nintendo Vision (Nov 14, 2007)
A peine inséré dans le lecteur de disque, Escape from Bug Island montre déjà son vrai visage : celui d’un jeu à petit budget vendu au prix plein, extrêmement mal conçu, moche et sans le moindre intérêt si vous n’appréciez pas un tant soit peu le comique grand guignol des séries B. Un titre fade, imprécis et mou qui risque bien de faire beaucoup de mal à votre portefeuille !
1UP (Jul 25, 2007)
Bug Island fails and frustrates so thoroughly throughout its 10-plus-hour playtime that its greatest feat may be fooling someone into finishing it who isn't paid to do so. It's easily the Wii's worst showing yet.