Advertising Blurbs

Back of box - Atari 2600 (U.S.):


    Are you smart (and fast) enough to escape from the maze of the MindMaster?

    •Realistic first-person graphics.
    •Four separate Multi Load™ segments.
    •Maze maps.
    •Real time clock.
    •Alien stalker
    •Direction indicator
    •Sliding force-field obstacles.

    •Exclusive Multi Load™ cassette with four separate game segments. Each with variations in graphics and action for longer, more challenging play―equivalent to several conventional game cartridges.
    •Solve the maze you're trapped in. Then find the stairs and move up to the next level.
    •Use logic and strategy to find your way out.
    •Use skill and agility to pass the MindMaster's tests, avoid the stalking alien and surmount the obstacles.

    For use with the STARPATH™ Supercharger™ cartridge.
    •Just plug the high-powered Supercharger™ into the cartridge slot of your Atari® set.
    •STARPATH™ games come on top-value cassettes―less than 30 seconds per load from any standard cassette player (required).
    •Uses standard joystick controllers. Can't damage your TV or video game set.
    •Complete instruction included.

    Contributed by LepricahnsGold (128214) on Jun 06, 2007.

Arcadia Corporation 1982 catalog, page 11:


    Corridors, huge and identical, loom in all directions. You're lost in a monster multi-dimensional maze. Somewhere, there's a way out. But lurking between you and freedom in a cunning sentinel.

    Contributed by LepricahnsGold (128214) on Jun 06, 2007.