ESPN NFL Football Screenshots

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Xbox version

ESPN's Chris Berman introduces the game.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Each player gets their own "crib" to decorate.
Trophies for achievements are displayed in the crib.
NFL Trivia game playable from the crib.
Customize down to the floors and the walls.
First person football mode.
The arrows warn of oncoming tackles.
Taking a first-person tumble.
Making a first-person running play.
Viewing the quarterback in a passing play.
Auto-switch to the receiver while the ball's in flight.
Training camp teaches the controls and fundamentals.
Selecting teams for a quick match.
Games are, as you would expect, presented like ESPN broadcasts.
Kickoff meter. Hit a button when it swings toward the top.
Pick a play from the playbook.
Lining up for the first play.
Stopped on a running play.
Executing a passing play.
Each team's arena is accurately modeled.
Broadcast camera shots between plays.
Outdoor arenas have weather and wind to consider.
Faked 'em out with the toss.
Celebration shot and detail on model's faces.