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    ESPN NHL Hockey is more than just the game of hockey. It's true grit, true skills, true intensity, and your ability to bring those elements to each and every match-up you face. It's taking on anyone, anytime, anywhere. It's feeling the impact of a precision hit and splitting the D with a skilled skater. It's the battle for the puck and the glory of burying it in the back of the net. It's achieving milestones and setting the standard for others to follow. It's everything you’d want in a hockey game ... and nothing you’d expect. ESPN NHL Hockey - true to the NHL.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22317) on Sep 12, 2010.

    The follow-up to last year's NHL 2K3, ESPN NHL Hockey is the latest edition in the sporting series, and a cut above the previous titles. Head out onto the rink and skate it out with superstar teams of the past, enter Tournaments and earn your place in the (virtual) ice hockey hall of fame.


    Choose to start out as a rookie in Season mode and work your way through the ranks to become the undisputed champion of the circuit, or dive into a quick game with a pal and battle it out in two-player mode. There's loads of minigames to unlock, including Mini Rink, Pond Hockey and Air Hockey, and a point-scoring system which allows you to save up for nifty extras such as classic hockey shirts, old teams and additional minigames too.


  • Take on the stars of yesteryear, with classic teams amongst the line-up

  • Choose from a wide range of modes, including: Quick Game, Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, Franchise and Tournament

  • Earn points to unlock goodies such as additional minigames, classic jerseys and hockey masks, and famous teams

    Contributed by Xoleras (66876) on Oct 11, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2/XBox:


    ESPN NHL Hockey puts you on the ice. The most realistic game yet, with enhanced graphics and brand-new features, including:

    Get ready for the game with all the authentic skills events from All-Star Saturday, including speed, slapshot and accuracy tests.

    Hockey experts Bill Clement and Gary Thorne provide commentary, while groundbreaking graphics, environmental effects, arenas and ESPN cut-scenes make it feel authentic.

    A responsive control system lets you take full control of your players, with accurate puck handling, quick stops, dekes, flip passes and more.

    Compete against more than thirty superstar teams from the past, complete with throwback uniforms and hard-hitting play.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Oct 22, 2003.