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Commodore 64Zzap! (Apr, 1988)
There is a lot of depth in this game, a lot of detail, and a lot of imaginatively-conceived islands to map. But it's something that you will have to approach in a serious and business-like frame of mind, armed with mapping paper and a notepad, and a free stretch of about eight hours. If you like computer roleplaying games this will give you something solid to get your teeth into, but if you want a gentler introduction I would recommend you try Shard of Spring first.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1988)
Mit dem Programm ETERNAL DAGGER hat die Firma SSI einmal mehr unter Beweis gestellt, daß sie auf dem Gebiet der Fantasy-Rollenspiele nahezu unschlagbar ist. Die Ankündigung des Programms „Pools of Radiance“, dem ersten echten „Advanced Dungeons & Dragons“-Epos auf dem Homecomputersektor in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Rollenspielhersteller TSR, läßt einiges für diesen Herbst erwarten. ETERNAL DAGGER ist der passende Vorgeschmack dazu. Ein tolles Adventure!
Apple IIComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1987)
Overall, however, I am not as pleased with Eternal Dagger as I was with Wizard's Crown. The previous game was better balanced in regard to magic and physical combat. Here, spells play far too great a role. Further, monsters are much stronger and take more punishment, which in turn means tactical combats last longer and are practically required for most encounters in order for your party to come out with minimal injuries. Fatigue is another sore point. You can only journey so far each day before needing to stop and rest and frequent checks are necessary to keep an eye on how tired the party is. This extends travel time and slows down the game. It may be realistic, but there is a point where realism begins to have negative effects on playability and game enjoyment.