Eternal Poison Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Character selection - there are three options at the beginning
Another shot from a video sequence after starting the game
Inside your "base"
Here, you manage your captured Majin, and decide what to do with them.
Buying items. The stock is limited, but extractions from Majin will get you more and better ones.
Setting skills - aside from the ones characters get as they gain experience, you can tie some to items
You can visit refugees you rescued and have a chat with them. Some of them are quite eccentric.
Stones of Fate minigame. Waste some time and gain new artwork for the gallery
Character status. Velnor is one of the mercenaries who can join you. As a bow user, he can attack from afar, but he isn't very tough.
Choosing the path on the map.
The story is mostly acted out in scenes such as these (note that the text is badly visible due to an emulator bug).
Battle menu. The main character has another command called "Lead", which allows to make use of delayed actions and combos.
Enemy status - Cancer Gigas
When you overkill an enemy, he will be helpless on the battlefield, till captured.
3D battle animation. You can thankfully turn them off, as they generally take too much time and disrupt the flow of the game.
The lexicon gives information about Majin that were encountered in the game.