Europe Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Choose language
Intro beggins
Massive police chase
Drivers introduction
Title screen
Enter Your name
Game modes
Race options
Skill level
Select the car
Select the track
Controller settings
Loading screen
Race started
German architecture
Humvee ahead
Jump up on the ramp
Window view
Alternative back view
Race finished
After race messages
Time attack
Riding a compacted road
Southern Europe
Sharp right turn

Windows version

Main game screen
The 8 racing clubs you can represent.
The garage, shown before and after each race, where the car can be repaired or upgraded.
Loading screen with a gameplay hint
Start of a race - cars have the tendency to lie on their backs all the time, like a bunch of puppies.
The police does a little effort to stop the racers.
Guess which city.
First-person view - pedestrians cannot actually be hit.
Welcome to Amsterdam
The London Racer Club
That's a nice pile of cars
ATVs can cause a lot of trouble.
An excavation site
Driving a sports car in London.
Start of a race with a mixed selection of vehicle types.
Off-road section
Inside a tunnel
Snowy Track in Moscow.