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    They're evil and they're dead. What more do you need to know. All evil dead are dealt with in the same way and they can't be shown any mercy. It's slice and dice time!

    Evil Dead: Hail to the King gives you the chance to fight the living dead across time. From ancient Damascus to the infamous cabin there are plenty of the critters to be put back where they belong. In the ground!

    This 2-disc adventure is enough to give anyone the creeps. The enemy is remorseless and so is the action. You'll have your choice of weapons, once you find them, and hopefully enough time to get to the bottom of the zombie infestation. Keep your eyes open for the clues and maybe, just maybe, you'll make it through the night to see morning!

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 12, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    True-to-the-film gameplay: gore, suspense, and traditional Bruce Campbell humor

    Fully upgradable, classic Evil Dead weapons: the axe, boomsticks, chainsaws, and more

    More freedom of movement than ever--move and attack with left- and right-handed weapons simultaneously

    All the familiar Evil Dead environments: the cabin, the cellar, the bridge, and other favorites

    Compelling story line continues the ongoing saga of Ash and the Necronomicon

    Contributed by Matthew Bailey (1280) on Mar 21, 2001.