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Excalibur 2555 AD

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 2 2.4
Windows 2 2.6
Combined MobyScore 4 2.5

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PlayStationPlay Magazine
If your idea of fun is frolicking through 12 incident-filled levels of adventuring with a difference, then look no further. Just don't expect Tomb Raider 2.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Now that I have completed Excalibur I can say that the gameplay is excellent. The puzzles become thought provoking and constantly comes up with fresh ideas. Don't give up during the early stages as the game does not become gripping until after half way. If only the fighting scenes had been spruced up a little bit then Excalibur would have been given a definite thumbs up. We shouldn't be too hard on this title because if it had been released before Tomb Raider then everyone would be wowing the graphics and camera angles, building it up to be a top next generation title. Never-the- less, as it stands it may not be the best game of the year but it is a long way from being the worst.
WindowsPC Jeux
Excalibur semble lancer une nouvelle mode, celle des Tomb Raider-like. Tant mieux !
I thought this game was pretty fun. Aside from the above mentioned shortcomings, there are still some good hours that will be spent playing this game. The levels are huge, and it takes some time to make it through to the end. You will need some patience and staying power, especially since you can't save in the middle. I'm looking forward to Sirtech putting out more PSX games. I like the direction they are heading.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Knuffig: Die Unterteilung in abgeschlossene Levels, die wiederum aus überschaubaren Einzelzimmern bestehen, macht die 3D-Erkundung schön übersichtlich. Gefällig, wenngleich wenig aufregend die Rätsel- Ansätze: nimm hier, tausche dort und drücke Schalter in einem fort. Der Dienstleister-Alltag ist mit viel Gerenne und ständigem Schielen auf die Karte verbunden. Die etwas eintönigen Kämpfe halten Profi-Shootisten nicht lange bei Laune. Und die Rätsel-Komponente ist auch nicht so toll, daß sie monatelange Adrenalin-Ausschüttung bewirkt. Die Technik paßt sich dem ganzen »gehobenes Mittelmaß«- Feeling an. Immerhin: Die spielerische Mischung ist ganz ausgewogen; mit der Steuerung kommen auch Einsteiger klar. Nur wird just diese Zielgruppe die Einschränkung beim Speichern am meisten verfluchen. Excalibur 2555 AD ist im Vergleich zu Tomb Raider 2 allenfalls als Pausensnack tauglich.
This game was decent overall. The controls were a bit simple for your average computer gamer, and this game would have been much better on a console system like the Sony PlayStation. But Excalibur has a good story to it and deserves some merit for originality. The best thing this game has going for it is its absence of required hard drive space, which allows gamers to play even if they've filled their hard drive (like a growing number of people I know).
PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStation Magazine
Excalibur 2555 AD is a pleasant game that unfortunately suffers from being overshadowed by Tomb Raider. Still a good deal of fun, though.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
A worthwhile game. If you can ignore the relative absence of a detailed storyline (something I have difficulty doing, but in this case, I make an exception) then Excalibur 2555 is great fun to lope through. With a fundamentally exploratory attitude, fast-paced combat, and simple retrieval quests, this is a good title for beginning gamers, fans of the Tomb Raider style, or people who just want to explore a new and crisp virtual world. There's nothing mindbendingly new here, but it's an entertaining ride.
Excalibur's premise held much potential, but the finished game fails to fulfil it, leaving something whose uncomfortably restrictive limits tarnish its clean presentation and fine atmosphere.
WindowsPC Action
Ausgerechnet fast zeitgleich mit Tomb Raider 2 wurde der Release für Excalibur angesetzt, und einem solchen Kaliber ist das Programm einfach nicht gewachsen. Die Grafik wirkt nur mit 3Dfx-Karte ansehnlich, und spielerisch wird kein einziges Feature geboten, das Excalibur zu einer ernsthaften Alternative zu Core Designs Vorzeigeprodukt machen könnte – der ganze Trubel um Lara ist halt doch nicht nur Hype!
Unfortunately, Excalibur 2555 AD misses the mark in being either an engaging action game or an interesting puzzler. While not a horrible title by any means, it's simply boring. When it comes down to it, there's really just no sense of adventure in this adventure.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Ein breitgesichtiges, unübersehbar weibliches Etwas glotzt mich blöde an und versucht ohne nennenswerten Erfolg Lara Crofts Charme zu imitieren. Ich erwidere den Blick mit weit aufgerissenen Augen, geschockt über das, was ich mangels treffender Beteichnung Grafik nennen möchte: grobe Polygone, häßliche Texturen, schlecht animierte Gegner und zeitlupenhafte Bewegungsabläufe. Nach einer Weile weicht der Schreck des ersten Eindrucks, allerdings nur um tiefersitzendem Grauen Platz zu machen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Eine Horde Lara Croft-Clones wird zu Weihnachten auf Käuferjagd gehen und mit dem hehren Genretitel Action-Adventure über spielerische und grafische Mängel hinwegzutäuschen versuchen. Wenn wie bei Excalibur 2555AD auf Atmosphäre, Rätsel und halbwegs realistische Animationen verzichtet wird, sorgt dies bei den Käufern wohl nur für lange Gesichter.
WindowsGame Revolution
At first glance, Excalibur 2555 AD might seem like a solid 3D adventure using the ol' overly-proportioned-heroine-in-a-short-skirt idea that Tomb Raider made so famous. After about, say, 2 minutes of playing, one discovers that it is completely different story. Other than the impressive graphics, anyone with an attention span will soon become tired, bored and agitated due to the basic puzzles, easy levels and utterly simple combat.
All in all, the story is there, but the graphics and gameplay have simply left the building. We suggest you rent this title before you purchase it.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
On the upside, the music is excellent, though sound effects are merely tolerable, and in the 3Dfx mode, there's some really keen colored lighting. While Excalibur 2555 AD has some minor entertainment value, it's far too vapid to be worthwhile.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Still, it's not all bartering and switch throwing. There's a little fighting as well. Unfortunately – and surprisingly – the fighting is the most tedious part of all. E2555's controls are extremely awkward, and there is no save game. Instead, the game automatically remembers the highest level you've completed. But if you die at the end of a level, you have no choice but to play it over. My advice: Save yourself the trouble and find a good game to play.