Excitebike Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Choose a track.
Let's go.
Approaching a jump.
Jumped the ramp.
Avoid the mud.
Over Heat.
Design Mode.

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Rolling along.
Up a hill
Design your track.

NES version

Choosing tracks
A simple obstacle
Blue track
Wow, what an obstacle!
Green track
Riding into water...
Fancy obstacles
Over heat...

PC-88 version

Title screen.
Race menu.
On your mark, get set...
Popping a rad wheelie.
Dirt slows the bike down a lot.
Use too much turbo and this happens!
One down, one to go.
The arrows reduce the engine's temperature.
I'm so cool.
Race results. Not quite a new record, unfortunately...
The second course.
The obstacles are a bit tougher than the last course.
Mode B includes other racers to get in the way.
The other racers also tend to crash a lot.
That doesn't look right.
Down, but not out!
Design menu.
There are some...interesting obstacles in this game.
Wicked air!

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Start in Selection A (solo) mode
Popping a wheelie at the finish
Yay, new record!
Design mode
Start in Selection B mode - race
Of all the places to Over Heat...
Hurry it up, you got a race to win!