Executive Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The preset flights for the Cessna Citation X as they appear in the flight simulator selection screen
The Cessna Citation X in flight
The Cessna Citation X in flight, not much detail in the wheel wells.
The Cessna Citation X main instrument panel
The Cessna Citation X, one if the in cabin views
The Cessna Citation X, the overhead panel view
The Cessna Citation X. The view back into the aircraft is a nice touch but not up to the quality of the other cabin views
The Cessna Citation X virtual cockpit view looking aft
This is how the Hawker 125-800 flights appear in the flight sim menu. Note the spelling of Raytheon in the flight menu and in the description differs
The Hawker 800 on the ground and looking a bit angular
The Hawker 800 in flight showing more detail than the Cessna model
The Hawker 800 in flight
The Hawker 800 main instrument panel
The Hawker 800, one of the cabin views
The Hawker 800 showing the internal view of the passenger area
The Hawker 800 instrument panel at night
The Hawker 800 passenger cabin at night, looks dark even though the external view shows that the lights are on.