IF Racing Screenshots (ExEn)

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ExEn version

Splashscreen of the game
The race starts, competitors are in front of you, you will have to be quicker than them. (Alcatel OT535 version)
Race description, you will learn a lot of things here. The weather is fine and the road is dry. (SagemMyX5 version)
Symbols indicates dangerous curves. Beware not to be too fast... (Alcatel OT535 version)
In the pitstop you can repair your car, fill the tank and change the tires if necessary. During the race, as elements become weaker, you will see icons on screen. (SagemMyX5 version)
Your car is almost destroyed, speed up and enter the pitstop to repair it. (Alcatel OT535 version)
Tires can have different characteristics. Use them accordingly to the weather. (SagemMyX5 version)