Exile: Escape from the Pit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Title screen.
Main menu (unregistered shareware version).
At the start of the game, you can either load a prefabricated party or generate your own characters from scratch.
Picking the graphics for a custom character.
Main menu
The introductory story. Many events in the game are related through text messages.
The game starts as your party is thrown through a one-way portal into Exile.
To talk to NPCs, you need to type in keywords to get the information you need.
To view individual stats of characters in the party, the character sheets must be scrolled through in the top-right corner of the screen.
This screen allows to obtain detailed information on items in the current character's inventory, and also for some reason view all available spells in the game.
The overhead map displays all explored areas in the current town, dungeon or in the wilderness.
Inside a building in Fort Exile.
Out of the first town and off to explore the outside world.
Buying weapons at a smithy.
While venturing in the world of Exile, sometimes you may come across special encounters such as this.
Attacked by a wandering party of goblin raiders.
While inside caves or dungeons, you need to use a torch or a light spell to illuminate the surroundings, otherwise the field of view will be limited.
What decent underground cave doesn't have any bats in it?
Spell casting screen. The Spell Library option provides detailed info on each spell.
There are two types of spells, Priest spells (defensive) and Magic spells (offensive). Both are important in combat and exploration.
The Nephilim are a hostile race of cat people, with whom the humans of Exile are at war.
Found one of the six major cities that were built by humans in Exile.
The characters level up as they gain experience in battles. However, to increase skills with skill points thus earned, you'll need to find a trainer and pay money for each skill increase.
The initial release of Exile featured completely different character art and terrain tiles.
The old version of the main menu (v1.11).
The town of Silvar as it looked in the first release.
A random encounter with goblins and Nephilim.
An inn in a cave village.
In the Nephilim fort.
Getting items.