Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Wisdom tree logo
The level 1 begins
Level 1: In action
Inter-level question
Moses in the Nile
The level 2 begins
Level 2: In action

Genesis version

Title Screen
Overview of a few power-ups
The round of trivia after each level, correct answers give additional bibles.
Watch out for falling boulders
I'm pretty safe here until I start shooting the walls.
A maze of mana
Educational cutscene
Hit by a guard

NES version

Wisdom Tree logo
Title screen
The game introduction
Collect question marks and Manna
Be careful of the many obstacles when searching for question marks...
One of the questions when a level is completed
Baby moses is put in the river
These question marks are guarded
The story unfolds between levels
Earn bonuses for correctly answering questions
Make sure the many boulders don't fall on your head!
One of the cutscenes
Take bags with gold
Chase enemy "mage"
Gore question
Correct answer!
Life lost