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Back of Box - Atari ST (Germany & UK):
    It was a summer's day in a quiet street in a leafy Chicago suburb. Suddenly the tranquility was disturbed by a piercing scream: "Help me! Help me!" The houses were infested with mutant insects and crazy cans -- even the toy tanks had come to life! This wasn't a job for any pest control man -- it was a job for THE EXTERMINATOR!

    Gotteib's unusual all-action coin-op really comes to life in this great conversion -- take control of a giant animated hand as you squash the frog, crush the cans, shoot the wasps and grab the flies! The incredible graphics and digitized* sound combine with the atmospheric music to recreate all the fun of the arcade hit!

    Watch out for the giant tomatoes! Grab the juice bottle as it whizzes past! Move from room to room and from house to house -- you'll need to put all your arcade skills to the test if you're to succeed as THE EXTERMINATOR!

    • Lifelike graphics and animation recreate all the realism of the original
    • One or two can play simultaneously*
    • Seven houses to clear each with five rooms -- plus the 'Ultimate Wave'
    • Digitized sound* and music from the coin-op
    • One of the most unusual games of all time!
    *most versions

    Contributed by Pat Cdr (1257) on May 05, 2005.