Exterminator Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Here comes the exterminator!
Squash the incoming bugs!
The map of the house
Squash bugs with your hand, yuck!
Don't get shot down by those tanks!
Move the hand to the side of the screen to shoot bugs
That annoying hornet tries to sting you

Amstrad CPC version

Main menu
Out there...somewhere...someone needs HELP!
Here he comes to save the day!
Starting in the kitchen
The kitchen
Here they come.
I need to avoid the wasp but kill the other insects.
I cleared the kitchen.
My score.
On to the bedroom.
Tanks approaching.
I ran out of energy. Continue?
I didn't continue. Game over.
Enter initials for high score.
Title screen
I guess if you're the programmer...
...you can enter you name, all fancy like.
The high scores.

Arcade version

The street.
Floor Plan.
Careful of the wasps.
Here come the insects.
Swat them.
In the garage.
Bonus Round! You have to shoot the rats
Look at the tiles
Insects in my bedroom!
Smash the Tanks
Watch out for the frogs. They will swallow your hand!

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Going to my first house!
First room...
Pound those bugs!
Here's how I did
Pull up!
Bonus round
Different rooms offter different pests
Here I have rats to deal with

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Here comes the exterminator!
Floor plan of the first house...
Eliminate bugs in the kitchen...
Flying bugs and spiders crawling on the floor to take care of...
Watch out for that deadly hornet!
Move the hand over to the side to fire at the bugs...
Squashing bugs with my hand, yuck!

DOS version

Graphics mode selection
Title screen (VGA)
Getting to your first house (VGA)
Map of the infested house's rooms (VGA)
Our disembodied exterminator's hand is on the job! (VGA)
Shooting bug juice at my opponents. (VGA)
Hampered by a stinging wasp over a crushed can (VGA)
Room completion report (VGA)
Next room, with new enemies! (VGA)
Helpful error messages (VGA)
I guess I done good. They really put the bones in bonus! (VGA)
Take a break from bugs and move on to some relaxing rat-whomping as your bonus (VGA)
Up to the attic! (VGA)
Down to the garage, then we're through with this house! I called in the second player for back-up. Now we're double-fisting! (VGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Getting to your first house (EGA)
Map of the infested house's rooms (EGA)
Our disembodied exterminator's hand is on the job! (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Getting to your first house (CGA)
Map of the infested house's rooms (CGA)
Our disembodied exterminator's hand is on the job! (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen - displayed only briefly
Game controls for one or 2 players
An anti-drugs message If you wait long enough then the game plays a brief 2 player demo and goes on to explain the rules.
Here the van has arrived in the infected street and I'm going into the house on the bottom right. The object is to clear all rooms in all houses
The first room is the kitchen
A handy reminder on how to shoot. While shooting the hand moves up & down but not left to right. The 'bullets' trajectory, though, can be angled left or right
Here I am in the kitchen. I'm over to the left & I'm the left player which means I can shoot, and that's what I'm doing
When I'm shooting high the wasps stay low.
I must pound the cans. These give me 'black tiles' and a full row of these tiles is needed to progress
I have completed a full row. That means the kitchen level is completed.
There's the black tile bonus. It floats across to the score and updates it
There's a bit of additional information supplied at the start of each level.
So I'm shooting wasps and pounding tanks - that shoot back. Note how the bullets are angled across the screen
I must have been shot more than I realised. Still plenty of lives are available 'coz this is a long game. Unfortunately this resets my score to zero - but it does replenish the juice / ammo bar
Completes a line of tiles so the bedroom level is finished
The third room is the garage
Grab the mosquitoes and pound the spiders. Got to be careful here because wasps appear among the mosquitoes and grabbing them hurts
The fourth room is the basement. Unfortunately - to get here I used another life and had my score reset again
The basement is infested with tanks and wasps
This is a pounded tank
When the basement was cleared I got a bonus round
The rats just keep on coming. This picture shows one I shot over on the right, it gets me 2000 points
The final room is the attic.
The attic is a mix of spiders, wasps & mosquitoes again. The juice bottle is a nuisance though. I could not catch it and I need it because my supply is half done
When the attic level is complete the house turns red and the van moves on to the next
Even though the final score was poor, it had been reset again, the game recorded the highest score achieved during game-play for the hi-score table. I had this score just after the bonus round.