F-15 Strike Eagle III Credits (DOS)

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F-15 Strike Eagle III Credits


ProducerAndy Hollis
DesignChristopher Clark, James M. Day, Andy Hollis, George Wargo
ProgrammingBill Becker, Don Goddard, Andy Hollis, David McKibbin, Scott Spanburg, Ned Way
Visual SystemsScott Spanburg
Interface ProgrammingDetmar Peterke
Installation ProgrammingDon Goddard, Brian Reynolds
Technical ConsultantGeorge Wargo
DocumentationJames M. Day, Lawrence T. Russell
Manual EditorB. C. Milligan
Art DirectorBarbara D. Bents
Art Department Artino, Edward Bendetti, Barbara D. Bents, Stacey Clark, Andrew T. Laken, Erroll Roberts, Murray Taylor, Frank Vivirito
Spanish translationRandall Mage
Art Director 3D‑SimulationMax D. Remington III
3D ArtMax D. Remington III, Susan Ullrich
Intro AnimationFrank Vivirito
Original MusicJeffery L. Briggs
Sound DepartmentKen Lagace, Jim McConkey, Scott Patterson, Roland J. Rizzo
Voice CharacterizationYvette Bazzell, George Wargo
Marketing LeadCarl Knoch
Publication LeadIris Leigh Idokogi
Manual LayoutJudy Koelbl, Juanita Becker, Susan Ullrich
Maual IllustrationsGeorge Gill, Judy Koelbl
Package DesignMoshe Milich, Ken Hohmen, Gary T. Almes
Quality AssuranceAlan Roireau, Michael Craighead, Vaughn Thomas, Timothy Train, Frank Brown, Jim Neal, David Osborn, Chris Hewish, Quentin Chaney, Michael Rea, Mike Wise, Destin Strader, Mike Corcoran
Original F‑15 Game DesignSid Meier
Photos with friendly permission ofHans Halberstadt, Randy Jolly, Arms Communications, Jane's Defense Group, SSG, Jim Gomez, US Army, Participants of Desert Storm

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