F-15 Strike Eagle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title and credits
Main menu
Enter the authentication code.
"Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder"
Firing my guns.
I crashed.
Game over.

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen and main menu
"Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder!"
Firing the afterburners.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Pilot selection
Mission selection
Hall of Fame
Taking off
A quieter moment
Going down
Mission summary
Darker days

Commodore 64 version

Mission selection
Flying a night sortie.
Cockpit view

Game Boy version

Title screen
Mission select
Short animation :)
Prepare to mission
Random shooting
One enemy down!
Not good, we are dead!

Game Gear version

Title screen
Options screen
Mission selection
The plane is standing on the runway
Boarding the plane
Ready for take-off
Lifting off from the carrier
In-flight above the sea
Locked on target
Pressing the start button brings up the map
One mission finished
You are rewarded a medal
Game over

MSX version

Title screen (MSX2).
Select a mission (MSX2).
On shore of Libya (MSX2).
The start of a mission (MSX2).
The main target is the represented on the map as a small square (MSX2).
Offshore of Hanoi, Vietnam (MSX2).
Flying up-side down (MSX2).
The sky is clear, the sun even shines (MSX2).
Search for the main targets (MSX2).
Don't run out of fuel (MSX2).
Incoming missile (MSX2).
You're shot down. You not shot or bombed any targets (MSX2).
Title screen (MSX1)
Mission Select (MSX1)
Enter an authentication code (MSX1)
Restart screen if you press [return] during the game (MSX1)
Shoot that plane (MSX1)
No targets in sight (MSX1)
You've crashed (MSX1)

NES version

Game Options
Choosing a difficulty level
The first area available is Lybia
Mission is being explained to you
Getting ready...
...and off we go!
Over the sea
Locating targets in the desert
Awards? Not really...

PC-88 version

Title screen
Mission selection
Taking off
This is going well... so far
Oh no!

PC Booter version

Title screen (original release)
Title screen (later re-release)
In-game CGA screenshot
Flying. (EGA version)
Title screen (CGA Original)
Title screen (EGA)
Version information - 402.02 (EGA)
Graphics Configuration (version 402.02) (EGA)
Select Game speed (version 402.02) (EGA)
Select Mission (version 402.02) (EGA)
Loading Persian Gulf (version 402.02) (EGA)
Alert! Sam launch (EGA)
Firing to Enemy Plane by Gun (EGA)
Gun Rounds Remaining (EGA)
Crashed! (EGA)
Game Over (version 402.02)
Authenticate (12) : Enter Code (CGA)
Note (CGA)
Gun Rounds Remaining (CGA)
Warning!! (Before crash) (CGA)

Thomson TO version

Main menu
Flying over the desert
Another mission

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen and advert
The missions
Starting without a take-off