F-19 Stealth Fighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
You need to pass the aircraft identification exam

Atari ST version

Title screen
Pilot selection screen
Mission selection screen
Mission briefing
Checking missile ranges
Selecting my aircraft
Time for last minute changes
Ready to take off

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choosing a mission
Mission briefing
Intelligence briefing
Arming the plane
Beginning a mission at night

DOS version

Select Menu (Version 435.02)
Title Screen
Arming your plane
In the cockpit
Bail out - rescue
External View - Taking off from a aircraft carrier.
External View - Enemy ship nearby.
Flying over land.
External View - Smoldering remains of a target.
External View - Flying.
External View - Mountains ahead.
Failed mission.
Mission report.
Got a medal.
Copy protection - choose the right plane.
Pilot roster.
Choose a mission.
Mission options.
Game advertisement of Microprose (EGA/VGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Game advertisement of Microprose (CGA)
Manual protection checking (CGA)
Choose a mission (Training Mode, CGA)
Pilot Roster (default, CGA)
Ready for launch from Carrier (EGA/Tandy 16 colors)
Ready for launch from Carrier (VGA 256 colors)
Mission Briefing (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Intelligence Briefing (EGA/Tandy/VGA)
Pilot Roster (default, EGA/Tandy/VGA)
External View of F-117A 1 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 2 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 3 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
External View of F-117A 4 (version 435.04 only, VGA)
B-52 Flying
Secondary Target : Tank Farm at Katowice
Target Photographed
Primary Target (Tu-95) is destroyed by Gunfire
Fuel Transfer

PC-98 version

Joystick or keyboard?
Title screen
Nice credits screen!
Choosing a plane!
Choosing a pilot
Choosing a mission
Pre-mission screen
Plane statistics
Are you ready?..
Taking off
You can remove the HUD... it's just you and the sea now

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Don't tell anyone about this
On the box it's "Project Stealth Fighter"; based on Testor model kit
In some countries these men would be hung for treason
Copy protection
Fifteen years and the world has changed
Take that, Libya!
On second thoughts, don't
Punishment for failure is one step above cleaning the toilets
Further mission details
What they know to help