F-22 Lightning II Credits (DOS)

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F-22 Lightning II Credits


ProgrammerRandy Casey
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Game DesignRandy Casey
Mission DesignWes Eckhart, Troy Sheets
Mission DesignEdwin E. Steussy
Sound DriverMark Davis, Kyle Freeman
Multiplayer ProgrammingJim Ratcliff, Kent Simon
Installation/Setup ProgrammingDavid Woldrich
Additional Programming SupportMark Davis
Art DirectionKeith Rust
ArtDaniel Cabuco, Dean Fowler, Rod Parong, Keith Rust, Pascal Sahuc, Carmine Scotch, Jon Tando
Manual DocumentationLawrence T. Russell, Edwin E. Steussy
Manual Layout and DesignRafael Bautista, Lawrence T. Russell
Manual Layout and DesignMichael S. Maza
Technical IllustratorsBernard Oliver, Rafael Bautista
Technical WriterEdwin E. Steussy
Additional ArtJason Tull, Walter Schulz, Jhoneil Centeno, Lawrence Kevin
Title Sequence EditingJeff Gerst
Music Composed byJames Donnellan
Sound EffectsRussell Brower
Sound Effects EditingScott M. Gilman
Audio/Visual Effects CoordinatorRuben Preuss
VoicesValerie Michelle Arem, Craig P. Parden, David M. Bergman, Nancy Binando, Tim Knight, Jim Manton, Dwight Schmidt, Scott Wedemeyer, Duncan Wilmore
German Voice TalentsJörg Fischer, Kismet Salem, Holger Rungwerth
Package DesignAyzenberg Group, Michael S. Maza
Project ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Technical ManagementJohn Butrovich
Quality Assurance ManagementRichard Matsuura, Tim Knight
Technical ConsultantsCraig Barden, David M. Bergman, Steve Frawley, Jim Manton, Dwight Schmidt, Scott Wedemeyer, Duncan Wilmore, Karl Fischer
Team NovaLogicJohn C. Boone II, Jason Chein, Stephen Chein, Daniel Chang, Wes Eckhart, Tom Harrison, Cory Holloway, Meghan Jenks, Mat Jennings, David King, Tim Knight, Tony Kotelenets, Richard Matsuura, Nigel Mills, Gregg Nakawatase, Dan Roy, John Savage, Troy Sheets, Angel Sisson, Jay Tando, Tyler Ziemann
Special ThanksLee Milligan, Court Shannon, James Lamorticelli, Alex Rodberg, Robert Casey, Ann Hatton, Emerson W. Pittman, USMC Los Angeles Public Affairs Office
General MIDI Timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 and OPL-3 sound cards were produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger
General MIDI Timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 and OPL-3 sound cards were developed byK. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159904) and David Seeholzer (59)