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F17 Challenge

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Cancelled AGA version

The second disk contains the information: "COMING SOON F17-CHALLENGE AGA VERSION!" but it was never released. The AGA version was just started but Team17 (publisher) didn't want to push an Amiga 1200 version so it was cancelled. A few months after release of the floppy disk version F17 Challenge was also released on the Amiga CD32 as part of the Project-X Special Edition & F17 Challenge compilation. It is exactly same as the floppy disk version because Team17 said to Holodream Software to mantain the original ECS graphic. The only difference between these 2 versions is slightly different and more colorful title screen in the Amiga CD32 version. As Fabrizio Farenga (programmer of the game) said: "I wanted to use at least something of the new AGA chipset!".

Contributed by B.L. Stryker (20704) on May 03, 2007. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (110945)]. -- edit trivia