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Fable: The Lost Chapters

Fable: The Lost Chapters Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Young hero during the prologue
After the prologue, you start the actual game as a young man. One of the early areas - beautiful forest path, low HP, ahh, the innocence...
You have discovered a demon door. You are still young and handsome...
...but this is how you might end looking like a few years later if you aren't careful. Close-up near Greatwood entrance
Fighting some bandits
A spooky graveyard...
Divine Fury can be quite helpful when you use it right
Effects of Slow Time spell
Aiming with a bow
A windmill is nearby
Harbor in Oakvale
You can threaten and otherwise bully innocent people
Facing a fearsome troll
You have found a treasure chest
Boss battle against Twinblade
Weather effects: a storm is coming
Visiting the city of Bowerstone
Fist fight in Bowerstone
Cutscene: Whisper, your slightly annoying rival heroine, grovels before you. How will you react?
The legendary Kraken
Getting advice from a bandit on how to infiltrate in the camp he's guarding
Your sister Theresa
In prison
Full moon madness
Is this Robin Hood?..
This scary-looking fellow appears to be your main nemesis
She loves me!...
Amelia talks seductively in Polish
Angry video game hero
You'll be able to teleport to previously visited locations. There are only a few populated areas, and they are all tiny
Practicing fire sword skills on the second floor of a house you just bought
Why am I standing on an empty street of a snowy village, old and naked, holding a lightning-enhanced frying pan? Because I can!!..
An experienced, old hero clad in good armor is standing in the middle of the Heroes Guild late in the game
Whazzup. Attacked by impressive monsters from different sides. Trying to scare them off with my cool helmet. It doesn't quite work
I don't think this intimidating earth troll is impressed by my stupid hat and large hammer
Interaction with people in this game is amusing, but very shallow. You can't talk, so you laugh. People seem to like that
Apparently, one thing Fable is not stingy with is kinky sex...
Beautiful sunset; fighting some werewolves deep in the forest. The green stuff are, of course, experience points I'll need to collect
You show your trophies to a barmaid in an attempt to impress her. Success is guaranteed because of your high reputation
Over the course of the game you'll accumulate various expressions and gestures you'll be able to use
Yes, what you see is true. In front of a window I just broke, I removed my pants and did a Michael Jackson impersonation. If the local mental hospital calls, I'm not at home
Finally, in the deep of the night, in a secluded, mysterious graveyard, clad in an assassin's garb with a pimp's hat, I told everyone to **** off