FaceOff! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
The teams.
Start of the game.
All the action.
Good save.
Get down.

DOS version

The developer and the publisher (VGA)..
Title screen (VGA).
Main menu (VGA).
Deciding season structure (VGA).
Game options screen (VGA).
The game starts with a face off, you battle for the puck in the top window (VGA).
I'm the player with the yellow dot (VGA).
Before a face off you select the player you want to be, you remain that player (even when you pass) until the next face off (VGA).
I'm knocked to the floor (VGA).
The start of a fight (VGA).
The fighting mode, it's Streetfighter with skates (VGA).
You'll need plastic surgery when I'm done with you (EGA).
Changing lines (EGA).
Dickson is send off for elbowing, the 3 bars at the top of the screen indicate the health of the lines (EGA).
Abusing the ref (EGA).
The "shot cam" view (VGA).
Benna scores! (VGA).
Nault has 27 seconds of penalty time remaining (EGA).
Those penalty boxes are getting crowded (EGA).
Game summary (VGA).
Coach options: Modify the lines (VGA).
You can change player names if you want to (VGA).
Move players from your minor to your major team (EGA).
Design your own plays (VGA).
Play off tree (EGA).