Fade to Black

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a worthy FlashBack sequel and a TombRaider predecessor DOS Boston Low (93)
A letdown PlayStation ETJB (447)

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DOS 19 3.3
PlayStation 16 3.4
Combined User Score 35 3.3

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DOSPC Attack
On the whole, though, FtB with its bizarre 'n' twisted aliens, freaky scenery, funky weapons and all manner of delicious sound effects, is one arsingly good game. Yeah, so in the end it's the same old search/kill/puzzle routine like a million or so other platform games, but when it's as superbly done as this, who cares? It contains the karma we crave.
Das einzig Schlechte, was sich über die filmähnliche Optik mit gerenderten Zwischensequenzen sagen läßt, ist, daß sie unter SVGA kaum anders aussieht als unter VGA; ansonsten hat der PC noch nie Schöneres am Action-Screen gesehen! Genauso gelungen sind die realistischen FX, die deutsche Sprachausgabe und nicht zuletzt die düstere Musik. Okay, die jedes Eingabemedium unterstützende Steuerung erinnert ein wenig an das verwandte „Bioforge“ und verlangt somit etwas Einarbeitung, gehorcht aber bald jedem Befehl - nur das Inventory-Handling wäre sicher weniger umständlich lösbar gewesen. Andererseits ist ein Demomodus zum Eingewöhnen ebenso vorhanden wie ein geniales und sehr detailliertes Automapping. Alles in allem ist Fade to Black daher das ideale Game für den Ballerfinger mit Hirn. Man muß schon ein schlimmer Schwarzseher sein, um dem französischen Meisterwerk nicht eine strahlende Zukunft vorherzusagen!
DOSComing Soon Magazine
Three dimensional Flashback has finally arrived; thank you to Delphine Software International for making this dream a reality. As I first saw the hero in Fade to Black (Conrad), it immediately occured to me that he was the same man that I had seen in Flashback because of the color of the jacket, pants and, of course, the running shoes that he was wearing. I am sure that many Flashback fans were waiting for the three dimensional version; well, it is here now and it will carry on the legend of the classical Flashback!
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Wenn Sie das Spiel so beherrschen - und das dauert zugegebenermaßen einige Stunden - dann macht es auch richtig Spaß! Dann kommt es auf, das oft zitierte James Bond-Feeling: einer gegen alle, und das mit unendlich viel Munition.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Great graphics show off the PlayStations abilities to the Max. Atmospheric background music adds greatly to the game. Loads of levels to complete, thus giving the game longevity. Both Adventure and shoot-em-up fans should feel at home with this one. This game is great if you are looking for another resident evil type game or just want an adventure game that`s lots of fun but also adds puzzles to solve. Either way I recommend you get this game and I promise you will enjoy it for a long time!
DOSHigh Score
Spelstilen är en lyckad blandning av Alone in the Dark och Doom, och det här är ett av få spel som kan ge spelaren något som liknar rädsla och nervositet. När en dörr stängs med ett väsande snurrar man runt med pistolen i högsta hugg och hjärtat i halsgropen.
DOSWorld Village (Gamer's Zone)
The standard moves are all contained within the keypad. You can move forward, peek around corners, back up, duck, and jump all with the pad. Once you get used to it, it becomes easy and you'll be ducking and firing like a pro. The video clips that tie the storyline and the game together are wonderfully done. I really felt as though I were part of a movie. The clips showing the various ways you can die (and there are many) are fascinating to watch. These clips add to the experience, and do not detract in any way from the game like some other games do. And you can review all of these video clips at any time with the playback feature. Great storyline, better than average play and some wonderful video clips provide a fantastic experience in gaming. I hope that Electronic Arts continues with this idea of gaming, for it would surely benefit the industry.
Apart from this annoying feature, there is very little to fault F2B for playability. With three difficulty levels, and set over 13 massive levels with bonus rooms, the game will certainly take a while to complete. However, despite the excellent storyline and taut drama, Resident Evil just pips it at the post for blood-curdling tension. Nevertheless F2B is a very innovative and superbly implemented game, and if you like the idea of a properly animated 3-D romp, as opposed to the static backdrops of Resident Evil, then Fade to Black is the perfect alternative.
DOSPower Play
Warum muß es immer 3D sein? „Flashback“ und „Another World“ machten bereits als zweidimensionale Action-Abenteuer eine derart gute Figur, daß man diese „Alone In The Dark“-kompatible Variante nun mit um so kritischeren Augen betrachtet. Leider stellt sich das Abenteuer um den Helden Conrad B. Hart selbst in der höchsten der drei möglichen Auflösungen (die sogar einen Pentium ins Schwitzen bringt) ein grafisch eher mäßiges Licht. Klobige Texturen lassen im extremsten Zoomwinkel der virtuellen Kamera Details missen. Rein spielerisch betrachtet, imponiert der ungemeine Umfang und der gut kalkulierte Abwechslungsreichtum der Level, wenngleich der ungeheure Schwierigkeitsgrad den Weg ans Spielende steinig und fast unbegehbar macht. Für Action-Adventure-Profis ist „Fade to Black“ jedoch eine willkommen harte Nuß mit echten Herausforderungen.
Even more frustrating are the controls, and there are many - too many, when you consider that your moves are pretty much limited to looking around corners, running, and shooting. In the end, Fade to Black is a good game with solid puzzles and a great atmosphere, but the flawed interface makes it difficult to become fully immersed in the action.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Fade To Black is one of the more innovative games to hit the market in a long time, and merits a long, hard look if only for that reason. It takes a lot of gambles with its design, and many of them pay off. However, it's a shame Delphine couldn't come up with a more friendly interface or at least allow the player to reconfigure keys. Alas, as it stands, I suspect many gamers will find figuring out the controls to be the toughest puzzle in Fade To Black.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
If you can look past the camera problems and the challenge, you'll find that Fade to Black is an enjoyable game. It's really fun and has a long and involved quest. The story is really good and pulls you in until the end, just as any good game should. So, if you were a fan of Flashback or are just looking for a challenging action/adventure game, Fade to Black shouldn't disappoint.
Overall, the control scheme is simple enough, and the character responds well. The pace is fast and most of the puzzles are fairly straightforward. One drawback is that the enemy AI is almost a little too good - you tend to die a lot. You also have to manually save the game as you go, which can be a little maddening. In the end, Fade To Black is a solid graphic adventure with far more to recommend it than not.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Ein ganz manierlicher Vertreter seines Genres, aber kein Superschwergewicht, das uns allen zu neuen "Aha"-Erlebnissen verhilft. Immerhin: Wenn Sie generell Action-Adventures im 3D-Outfit schätzen, ist Fade to Black sicherlich kein Fehlkauf.