The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Receiving the mission
Wandering in the village
Encountering a wizard
Speaking with the wizard
Found a hidden item!
Entering the City of Marheim.
A beggar.

Commodore 64 version

Beginning the adventure
Collecting items inside a house
Wading through a river
One enemy is defeated, but another one is already approaching
Intro 2 - The oldest brother, Julian Smith... Err... No! Just Julian!
Intro 3 - The second brother, Philip.
Intro 4 - The last brother, Kevin.
Intro 5 - Your quest...

DOS version

Maybe Julian could use some his brothers, he walks leaning to one side.
You start off with the oldest brother Julian (EGA)
Phillp the second brother has high luck, which means he can be "resurrected" more often (EGA)
Despite his valiant efforts, Julian falls. This will happen often when you first start out, especially when playing it on modern computers.
Phillip is supposed to be lucky and quick. With the three shades chasing after him, he's definitely not the former and he had better be the latter!
Kevin the youngest brother, known for his kindness (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Password Protection
The game introduction (EGA)
Your quest...
Title screen (CGA)
The game introduction (CGA)
Gameplay (CGA)
Time is represented by the change of color in the game play. This for example is the land in the morning.
The city of Marheim.
You can learn important things by talking to characters that you meet in your travels.
Getting a good night's rest.
The princess!
Rescued the princess.
In the king's throne room after rescuing the princess.
Flying over the city of Marheim on the golden swan.
Flying over a mountain range on the golden swan.
In the hidden lost city of Azal.
Inside the Citadel of Doom.
The Astral Plane.
Crossing a bridge.
A small keep.
Talking to a forest ranger.
The dragon's cave is nestled deep in snowy mountains.
Inside the dragon's cave.
Inside the king's palace.
The turtle.
Inside a small keep.
Riding the turtle.
The Crystal Palace.
The entrance to underground tombs.
A maze.
The Knight of Dreams.
In the Grim Forest.

Genesis version

Title screen
The story
In the town
A tavern
Crossing a river
Attacked by bad guys