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Commodore 64 5 2.8
ZX Spectrum 7 3.1
Combined User Score 12 3.0

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ZX SpectrumPopular Computing Weekly (Oct 03, 1985)
Still, none of these facts can detract from Fairlight's ability to capture the spirit of role playing games. It really is a spotlight onto another world.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Dec, 1985)
This is one of the most complete and satisfying role-playing graphic games I have yet seen. There is quite simply so much to do, so much to explore and so much to experiment with.
Amstrad CPCAmtix! (May, 1986)
Don't miss out this first rate game.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Nov, 1985)
Ultimate first introduced us to realistic 3D graphics but sadly not a lot of game was bolted on to them. Now, thanks to The Edge, that gap has been filled. Fairlight features very high quality graphics and a good tune at the start of the game. While the game is fun to play the desire to see the other screens makes you want to solve puzzles to get nearer the end effect. Controlling Isvar and manipulating objects is very easy and using a bit of brain power it’s not long before you are well and truly hooked. It’s hard to say whether Fairlight will appeal to arcade fanatics but I’m sure there are few people who could actually say the game is useless! The Edge have come up with a very good arcade adventure with 3D graphics that should rate in everybody’s top 10
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jun, 1986)
This is certainly a tricky game to get into -- the instructions give no clues and it's a case of trial and error from the start. The graphics are very effective and give a convincing representation of a real world within the 64. The major niggle is the speed that the game is played -- it's all ever so slow, especially when there are other things beetling about the screen, and the delay when moving from one location to another is quite long. If you don't mind the speed then this game could well appeal, but if you like fast stuff then it might cause frustration. The best thing is for you to have a look at it first and decide for yourself.
Commodore 64Computer Gamer (Jul, 1986)
Fairlight is definitely a superior arcade adventure and one that will keep you puzzling for a long time.
Amstrad CPCComputer Gamer (Jun, 1986)
Fairlight is definitely a superior arcade adventure and one that will keep you puzzling for a long time.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Oct, 1986)
This is still a classic and I for one will be playing the expanded version from now on. Then again, I got my copy for free, and I doubt even I would fork out again for all that hey-nonny-no nonsense, however hum-able. [Test 128k version]
Amstrad PCWAmtix! (Sep, 1986)
State of the art Joyce-wise.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action (May, 1986)
Solving the game will take a long while but there's plenty to explore and investigate along the way. The graphics are detailed but lacking a little in colour and variety. There isn't a great deal of animation but there are some nice monsters and locations with plenty in.
Amstrad PCWPopular Computing Weekly (Jul 17, 1986)
There's something totally magical about this game as it slowly draws you under its spell.
ZX SpectrumYour Computer (Dec, 1985)
Apart from its graphics and complexity, it's touches like Isvar's five pockets and the weight restrictions on what you carry that make this such a good game. Should keep you happily gnashing your teeth for hours.
Commodore 64Commodore User (May, 1986)
For all its faults, Fairlight is still extremely playable. The adventure is so absorbed in the action that the problems pass virtually unnoticed.
ZX SpectrumASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Apr, 1986)
Fairlight beschert ungetrübten Spielgenuß; als Nachfolger von Alien 8 wäre es vielleicht geeigneter gewesen als Ultimate‘s eigenes Programm Nightshade.
ZX SpectrumComputer Gamer (Mar, 1987)
Superb graphics, realistic animation and fiendish puzzles that can be solved with a joystick all add up to create a superb arcade adventure that is only slightly spoiled by a marked loss of speed when more than one monster appears on the screen.
ZX (UK) (Oct 16, 2007)
Ultimately, Fairlight was the game you chose from your collection to show off the abilities of your Spectrum to a visiting Aunt and Uncle. This game was truly a technical marvel that pushed the quality of gaming graphics forward to the next level and provided the player with a rather good adventure game to boot.
Amstrad CPCTilt (Jul, 1986)
Les jeux d'aventure/action à la Knight Lore abondent. Aucune originalité ici, armé d'une épée vous évoluez dans des salles infestées de gardes. Graphismes et animations sont corrects mais pas extraordinaires. Les bruitages sont très convaincants.