Fairway Solitaire Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen and play button
Select your starting course
Ready to start playing. You are given some instructions.
I cleared every card
My scorecard
Now I have irons for wild cards
My final score and stars for this range
A new course is unlocked
Hole 1 on the new course
Novice Bay course is unlocked
You are introduced to water hazard cards
I didn't clear all the cards. I can buy 5 cards for 2000 golf bucks or can use an iron.
The trophy room

Windows version

Opening animation
Loading screen
Select your look.
Main menu
The golf shop
The first course, The Golf Academy.
And you're off...
Instructions for the basics.
Your first hole, a par 3.
I made an invalid move.
I made a proper move and cleared a card.
I finished the hole with an eagle.
My scorecard. Hole one was two under par and my score so far is 1.
Learning about wild shot cards.
Oops! Got a wild shot card. I can drop the shot for a 2 card penalty or play the shot. I MIGHT get something good if I play. But I might get something bad.
Hole two I came in even par. My score is now 4.
I have unlocked the next course.
Learning about iron cards.
Hole three I was 2 over par. My score is now 10.
Learning about the sand wedge and sand traps.
I found the sand wedge.
I cleared a card from the sand trap.
Learning about water hazards.
I can't get to the far right row until I clear all the cards in the water hazard.
I have cleared the water hazard.
I found a second iron.
My wild shot card cost me $100.
Welcome to the second course...Solitaire Municipal.
The mulligan shirt is unlocked in the golf shop but I don't have enough money yet.
I earned a prize, 'Top New Golfer'. No trophy, though.
This hole ended with a birdie.
I have unlocked the extra long pants.
I bought the mulligan shirt.
The trophy room.
My career stats.
I lost a ball. I have five tries to find it or I lose $200.
Found it!
Welcome to course three...Moose Mountain.
A little golf humor.