Fairy Bloom Freesia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Freesia in the introduction sequence
The first day also acts as a tutorial with helpful messages near the bottom of the screen.
A powerful punch
Day completed
These enemies are a lot stronger than the regular golems.
Status screen with statistics during the intermission
A magical attack
In this level you need to protect the energy vortex.
The screen where you can buy and upgrade the optional (passive) abilities.
An attack during the first boss battle
These people are looking for an item in the forest.
Entering a new environment.
A somersault kick
The screen where you equip the skills you have bought.
Second boss defeated.
The third environment has toadstools as platforms.
Punching in the air.
Freesia has an attack where she grows green wings.
Finishing a mid-air chain combo.
When there are a lot of enemies near a vortex, you need to do damage quickly.
Fighting Shynie, the third boss