Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Scene from the intro movie
Falcons in formation flight
Let's start a new campaign in Korea.
The campaign menu
You can arm your F-16 with missiles, bombs and fuel tanks.
External view of your aircraft.
With full afterburner.
Preparing for take-off.
Pulling up, reaching +5.5G.
Rear view
Left-hand cockpit console panel.
There are more controls on the left-hand console.
Left-hand panel.
Cockpit view.
Full-screen cockpit panel.
You can turn on almost all switches with the mouse cursor.
The right-hand panel with the damage indicators.
Right-hand cockpit console panel.
Rear section of the right-hand console panel.
You can see the reflections from the cockpit canopy.
That one runway is destroyed...
Chase view of a Korean F-16.
The full-screen HUD view.
Weapon view of an AIM-9M Sidewinder.
This power plant is going offline soon.
The TACAN list.
A MiG-21MF is launching a missile.
Flying a night sortie.
These two North Korean IL-28 are in big trouble...
F-16 above the cloud layer.
Practicing the aerial refueling is recommended.
Tactical Reference