The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 - Separation Credits

Kheops Studio

Executive ProducerBenoît Hozjan
Game DesignersEtienne Gry, Thomas Neveu, Marie Archer
ProgrammersWilfried Hinault, Frédéric Jaume, Stéphane Petit, Bertrand Oustriere
Additional GraphicsMarc Chevallereau

Graphics Production - Mzone Studio

ManagementPhilippe Grellier
Art DirectionMartial Brard
3D GraphicsEric Belanger, Hervé Castaing, Pierre Berger, Yan Jouan

Music and Sound

MusicOlivier Derivière
Sound DesignBande Annonce Productions, Jean-Baptiste Merland
English VoicesDavid Gasman, Céline Cruz, Taylor Gasman
This software usesFreeImage, TinyXML, ZLib, OggVorbis, Lua
Special thanks toMuriel Meuneret, Catherine Manansala-Jan, Nicole Bensimon, Francine Misstick, Marita Robinson, Ana Sprague, Jennifer White, David Mekersa, Jennifer D'Alboy, Antoine Sainte-Catherine
With the support of theMedia Programme of the European Union
By the creators ofReturn to Mysterious Island 2, Dracula 3, The Path of the Dragon, Nostradamus, The Last Prophecy, Cleopatra, A Queen's Destiny, Safecracker, Destination: Treasure Island, The Secrets of Da Vinci, Voyage..., Secrets of the Lost Cavern, Return to Mysterious Island, Egypt 3, The Egyptian Prophecy
Kheops Studio, Paris, France

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)