Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Talking to Lt. Morgan about your team.
General Chase has ordered an all out assault.
Strategic map... the mission is afoot.
Selecting your team.
Loading screen.
At the base camp.
A view from the 3rd-person perspective.
Talking to your team member, they are awaiting for your order.
Using high speech level to get some more firepower.
Mission data.
Events in this mission take place in virtual Alaska.
Leaving the base camp and heading into the enemy territory.
These wagons will provide cover for you and your team against the enemy troops.
Even with V.A.T.S. mode it is an impossible hit.
Using V.A.T.S. mode against the enemy sniper.
Sniper high at 12 o'clock.
Only one small part of a very large fortified positions by the enemy.

Windows version

I'm entering the simulation pod.
Sergeant Montgomery will assist you in this mission.
See you later!
A Chinese soldier is guarding the bridge.
I'm not even halfway through.
We have reached the ammo dump.
Our mission objective is to place explosive charges on these cannons.
Anchorage is under heavy artillery fire.
Oh no! Montgomery is in big trouble.
I'm receiving my orders for the next mission from General Chase.
When you leave the sim, you'll have the powerful Gauss sniper rifle.
Choosing the weapon set for the attack
This is my Anchorage attack team. Not much, not much...
It's supposed to be freezing and snowing, but some characters are dressed like this. It just ruins the atmosphere
That's an autonomously walking (even running) land mine
You can optionally gather 10 intel boxes for a bonus
Attacking a Chinese tank
Soldiers posing for Capital Post
Chinese sniper
Your path is conveniently surrounded by impenetrable force fields...
Face to face with the Chinese General
This armor is one of the bonuses you get for completing this side-mission
Another bonus item - energy sword that once belonged to the Chinese General