Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Find Happy Trails caravan master if you want to undertake this mission.
Mission location on a FNV world map.
Silencer may be a good to use while sneaking in the middle of the night if this were an FPS or a stealth game, but it is of little influence in this game.
There are a few NPCs you can team up with on this mission.
Map of surrounding area.
Talking to Follows-Chalk, a native from one of the tribes around here.
They came from the desert... but they are easy to dispose of.
Action camera showing you taking out a warrior ant.
This cabin has markings of places that may hold things of interest, better check it out.
Three geckos act as a welcoming committee inside the fishing lodge.
Now when was the last time someone actually played the pool here?
This DLC holds a whole set of dangerous caves for you to explore.
There's a lot of guns on the table here, I wonder if I could borrow one...
One of the tribe camps... not all tribes are unfriendly.
Talking to Joshua Graham, a once the right hand of Cesar.
A lot of old things can be found in they canyon rivers.
Cazadors are fast and can surprise you when you least expect.
This scorpion is unaware of my presence... better use that to my advantage and launch a surprise attack.
Spitting at others is not polite... time to teach these younglings some lesson.
An old deserted outpost... perfect place for scavenging.
Certain locks require more skills than the other, but when you have enough pins in your hand, you can try over and over and over and...
White Legs want to become part of the Legion... but they will fail miserably because they didn't count on one lonely courier that crossed their path.
There are better places to land a plane.

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Screenshots

Windows version

There are no civilized settlements in Zion Canyon. THis is typical tribal camp.
Trying the clean river water. No rads!
Zion Canyon waterfall.
Leaving tribal camp for more quests.
Moving around is not easy in the canyon, you need to find passages.
One of former ranger's outposts.
Before the war people were resting in those houses. Now they became home for geckos.
Counting around.
Beautiful view on Zion Canyon.
Reloading hunting rifle.
This gonna be headshot.
Hunting some bighorners for meat.
There is crashed airplane on the mountain, but seems there is no way to reach it
Camping place. Only rusty wagons remind you about people who were resting here
Crashed school bus. Among small corpses you can find many toys and lunch boxes.
Water in Zion Canyon is clear and is full of fish.
Cazador - the most notorious enemy after yao guai.
Those cars never meant to pass the bridge.
Someone had used this ranger outpost.
Fishing lounge looks much intact inside.
Zion Canyon looks much greener than the wasteland, with almost no radiation .
Tribal burial place
Another tribal camp
Tribals wont mind me using their workbench.