Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title/menu.
Your killer (or so he thought) in the opening cinematic.
Upon your resurrection, you've asked if you can recall your name by doc Mitchell.
Character generation did not change much since Fallout 3.
You can see your character in 3rd person with full camera control at any point in the game.
Not everybody's asleep at night.
When you have a companion, there's a whole set of commands you can issue to him, her or it.
Ranger outpost at Mojave.
Legion patrol appeared out of nowhere, and their commanders can be hard targets until you rise in power.
This plane has seen better days.
Local saloon in Goodsprings.
Do people some favors and they will favor you.
Computer hacking in action.
Picking the lock is not about your skill, but about number of hair pins you have left to retry if you fail.
A bunch of enraged ghouls rushing in your direction.
Glowing ones are harder to take down than the rest of the ghouls.
Missile test site facility, and a lot of roaming ghouls and nightkins inside and around it.
In dark places, you'll have to rely on your Pip-Boy as a light source, but that may alert anyone in the vicinity to your presence.
In one of the NCR's headquarters.
Loading screen display various in-game references and random tips.
Taking out the guard dog.
Negotiating with leader of Great Khans.
Visiting encampment of the Great Khans gang.
World map can be accessed via Pip-Boy 3000.
One of the largest military camps, very close to the dam and just on the opposite bank to oversee the Cesar's main base.
Jacobstown is a safe haven for mutants, but that doesn't make all of them any more friendly.
Mr. House seems too demanding... that will be his undoing.
Taking out Mr. House's securitrons... after all, they're still just Mk I.
Watch out for centaurs, they'll spit at you from very far and they're quite radioactive.
When you are concealed from your enemy, it's one shot one kill.
For maximum efficiency, aim for the head.
You can perform certain special actions like sit down on the couch and mingle, but it really has no real use in the game.
You will have to earn their respect if you want to use the bunkers where Brotherhood of Steel members reside.
The president if about to start his speech.
Witnessing assassination.
Approaching Cesar's camp.
Once you're strong enough, taking on Cesar's elite guards will be like cutting a butter with the knife.
Vegas... the town really didn't change that much since before the war.
Looking at the Lucky 38 tower from up close.
Bright light city gonna set my soul on fire... viva Las Vegas... impersonators of The King still continue to exist, even after the nuclear war.

Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots

Windows version

This is the menu. Largely unchanged, but with a cool picture
A shot of New Vegas from the pre-rendered introduction. Those faint blobs are NCR soldiers
Say hi to your antagonist and two of his gawk-eyed goons. From the intro where your character is shot and buried
Character creation. Customize your appearance!
Gameplay once again takes place from a first person perspective
V.A.T.S. is back
V.A.T.S. still uses a cinematic camera
One of the beautiful loading screens
Typical Fallout scene: broken railway that doesn't lead anywhere, smoke over ruined houses... desolation and sadness
Switching to third-person perspective. You'll stumble across many interesting and weird places on your quest...
Using a rifle to fight a power ganger near a rusty car skeleton
Your trusty Pipboy is there to help you, as always
I followed a trader caravan with a couple of brahmins, only to reach these highway ruins with an awesome view!
NPCs actually have some routines here. Nothing outstanding, but definitely better than in Fallout 3. The lady here sweeps the floor, ignoring the dynamite in my hands
You'll meet many colorful, grotesque, and hilarious characters, similarly to other Obsidian games
Howdy, pardner! A small-town train station and a magnum in my hand - it doesn't get any more Old West than that
Finally, made it to the titular New Vegas! This is Freeside - the less fancy part of the city, but still considerably more alive than anything we've seen in Fallout 3
Ooookay... I'll check it out right away. Love the outfit! Hehe...
This is a ghoul stand-up comedian! I bet you haven't met many of those...
In the many casinos, you can play various games, including blackjack - a great way to make money!
NPC dialogues are varied and lively. They will share personal experiences and tell you stories
Oh wow. This is the famed Las Vegas Strip. The view is incredible
Oh wow again! The pleasures of flesh, indeed... well, we should relax before saving the world and all, right?..
Inside of one of the several fancy casinos in the city
Watching a strip show!
You bet I am!...
The fateful dialogue with Mr. House, the mysterious owner of the Strip. "Big Brother is watching you", that's the feeling I get here
All those small towns full of unseen poverty and decay - and luxury hotels in New Vegas...
A beautiful restaurant on the top floor with a view over the desert
Presidential suite. Compare that to the small-town motel you've been to earlier...
Even during the day, New Vegas looks amazing
NRC (New California Republic) embassy. You'll deal with these guys a lot
The Dino from Novac - you can go inside it!
There are two snipers watching the roads in the Dino from Novac
Helios One Power Plant
With Workbenches you can breakdown bullets and create new ammo with special features
Some characters will eventually join you and fight on your side. You can talk to them at any time. The dialogue can get... personal
Exploring a Vault! Classic Fallout. Note the funny political ads. I don't think this sniper rifle is the best choice for the corridor...
Swimming! This is fun, this is fun! You can dive as well. Note how your companions swim after you... even the little floating robot
A punk and his dog in the Legion camp. Those guys idolize early Imperial Roman culture and are quite crazy
Indoor locations may feature gritty design, old computers, and beautiful monster bugs
Just admire the gorgeous sunrise. The vast desert lies ahead of me... Some construction, old trucks, towers... I have no idea why I'm making fists
Man, you are on fire today! A heated battle against gigantic ants
I don't know why, but this scene in an ordinary quiet saloon, chess and all, seems cozily artistic to me
You can take a break from your quest and just have a vacation! Really, take a look!..
It was a wonderful, quiet night, and I decided to spend it on a radio tower, with the corpse of a Supermutant. We really bonded then
You've discovered an animal farm!
Companion interaction menu. Tell them what to do, and they might just reply with a sarcastic comment
Yuck! This remote location is home to some nasties. And look below - they have eggs!..
While I'm trying to figure out how to use this huge new weapon, my trusty sidekick fires at the walls of this cave with his energy rifle