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DOS version

Main menu
The intro is rather short and sparse, but very atmospheric
You can select one of the three pre-generated characters...
...or create your own one. This will also be your character screen in the game. Note the different ratings for attributes and their descriptions
The overseer of your Vault is sending you on your first quest: obtain the water-purifying chip
This is the starting location of the game. You are outside of your Vault for the first time in your life. What lies ahead?..
Looting a corpse to give you a bit of an edge at the start
You begin to explore the wilderness. Travel to known locations or walk anywhere on this map and discover places on your own
You can stop and explore any part of the desert. Here, you are ambushed by a group of cave rats. You attack with your knife
The fearsome scorpion guards an entrance to this shack. I wonder why?..
Exploring Vault 15. So, this is a LESSER mole rat? I wonder how a bigger one would look like...
My trusty sidekick Ian and myself have arrived in Shady Sands
You'll see all kinds of houses, objects, people, and animals in the game
"Important" NPCs have such expressive faces when you talk to them. Dialogue options
Exploring the aptly named Junktown. Local inhabitants have a strong sense of sarcasm
Maps for virtually every location in the game are provided
All right! Gambling! That's what I came here for
Talking to Gizmo, the local corrupt boss. You can choose to be confrontational... or slightly less so
Displaying the inventory of an early to mid-game character. Already got some armor and solid weapons - but that's nothing compared to what I'll get later
The Pipboy provides plenty of information - however, quest descriptions are rather terse
You'll discover all sorts of strange locations in the game. Your faithful canine companion, Dogmeat, expresses his opinion
Those raiders need a new interior decorator. Meanwhile, you can opt to fight them - or convince the leader to release a kidnapped girl
Larger locations have several points of interest that can be seen on such stylish maps
Welcome to The Hub - home of rusty vehicles and two-headed cows curiously named after Hindu priests
Some NPCs don't have portraits, and dialogues with them will lead to such framed shots. Here you attempt to trade items with the character
This is a MOTEL?.. Err... sorry, I think even the Jinjiang chain in China is better
Welcome to Necropolis, and have a nice day! Ian, what are you doing? Why are you shooting these nice, friendly zombies?..
One of the game's expressive loading screens
Finally, you gain entrance to the famed Brotherhood of Steel! Hi there, brother... from another mother!..
The "least important" type of NPCs won't even trigger dialogue choices; however, they may randomly change their lines
Welcome to the town of Boneyard! I proudly show my skills to the people
Fallout gives you unprecedented amounts of freedom. You can kill innocent children... or not hurt anyone in the entire game
A busy room. You've just raided that fridge. The local girl stares in disbelief, amazed at your audacity
Later in the game you'll come across an evil cult occupying this Cathedral...
Fighting gunrunners. The blow from the rocket was so strong that I fell on the ground...
The darkly beautiful Game Over screen
Coordinated assault on a military base. Heavy weaponry, tough enemies, spectacular battles...
I decided to kill my good friend Tycho. He is in the process of falling on the ground and dying. Why did I do that? Man, ask me an easier question...
Fighting against robotic enemies! How cool is that?..
Dude... Didn't your Mommy teach you some manners?..
You know you are nearing a game's end when the environments get all high-tech and creepy

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen. Here it comes!
Early combat: kick down the door and open fire against some raiders.
Travel screen
Tandi, one of the game's many NPCs
Who's your mama!
One-on-one brawl with the raider leader (called shots to the groin help alot).
Junktown. Land of a thousand... pieces of junk
Gizmo's casino. Not much of a criminal empire, but it's a start
A little organized murder for a fistful of bottlecaps
Displaying the inventory. Man with a gun!..
How much for the cow?
Cuisine morality after The Bomb
Necropolis, city of the walking dead
BOS, Come on! let me in!!!
Human, I mean iguana on a stick?
Exploring underground caverns in search of lost technology
The Glow
Radioactive ghouls having some visitors for dinner
Cool a Mt Dew River
Game over, man, game over!
An alien spaceship, once of many special random encounters
So tell me about leather?
The heavily armed Brotherhood of Steel makes short work of some desert raiders
The famous reference to "Bambi Meets Godzilla", the animated short from 1969
Pip boy's map screen
Outside of "The Glow"
Meeting with the Elders of The Brotherhood of Steel
Deep beneath "The Glow"
Raiding the fridge
The British version of the game shows children as adults though they're still referred to as children
Dr. Wu's got a bad case of potty-mouth
Quick Help: Game controls is always the most direct way to give the player an idea of the game play
Trying to resolve a hostage situation
Trying to join the Brotherhood of Steel
List of skills and abilities
Locations on the world map
Fighting the drones
Deathclaws, the meanest creatures in the wasteland
The Master's Lieutenant
Me and my party vs. the Lieutenant
The Vats which spawn the Super Mutant threat
The Cathedral. These guys worship The Bomb? That can't be good
Talking to a spy inside the Cathedral
Praise the Master and pass the ammo!
The Master explains his plans for the fate of mankind. Visionary or madman? You decide
Decisive battle: The Vault Dweller and friends vs. The Master of the Super Mutants
Search enemies for weapons and supplies
Your choices will have consequences
The necropolis

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