Famicom Wars Screenshots

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NES version

Title screen
Main menu
Cute little paratroopers
Overly vertical tanks
Map/Level selection
One particular map
Each unit has a definite cost and money is gained by controlling cities.
Information on the type of strategic points held and the money income.
The unit breakdown of each force
Options screen for setting up the IQ of the enemy.
Tanks open fire on infantry defenders.
Infantry forces claim a city.
Terrain determines much about a battle, including which routes are best for movement.
Infantry units can gain a speed boost by jumping aboard transports.
The Blue Moon army has conquered this particular map.
Artillery doesn't have to be adjacent in order to attack enemy units.
A battle between ground forces, regular infantry and mechanized infantry
Units eventually run out of ammo and/or fuel. A resupply truck replenishes these.
The Red Star and Blue Moon armies are tightly engaged.
Tanks open up on one another with devastating firepower.
A view of new red forces being constructed at factories and airfields
Each CO has statistics... wait, is that Samus?
Tank's armor protects them from regular infantry's weapons.
A Red Star victory as they capture the enemy capital.
A difficult battle is completed.
Mission Accomplished. The battle is over.